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Cheap Eats!

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Earlier in the week, I baked several different types of quicheto contribute to a free community breakfast, I guess that would be cheap!

The quiche thawed out and re-heated nicely for the "Super Saturday" event. People coming in for breakfast were very excited about the quiche and came back for more. For anyone living alone, freezing would work for slices too. In the future I will bake extra quiche for the freezer every time I make it!

The "Super Saturday" is a really fun event, "we" have a blood drive, food drive, pet food drive, cat adoption, rat terrier (dog) adoption, and a fund raiser to add a cat adoption site to a local pet store. There are also various building and community gardent maintenance tasks - all going at the same time.

It is amazing to see so many people working for so many different great causes in one place.

I got to pet lots of dogs and cats and I did not add any them to my private home-based zoo, my husband is surely relieved about that.

I also bought some plants that probably used to live in my friend's yards. They didn't have any vegetable starts but I found some columbine, a vine maple and one big pot with a healthy looking "we think it might be a tiger lily", It will be fun to find out if it is a tiger lily.

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