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Chatuchak market sign

I liked this sign:

Every perfect

The genre of Asian *glish signs is well known, but this one is meta:

1. By "every" is meant "very," I believe; my Thai friends always pronounce "very" that way (probably because that's how their ears here us say it, since Thai does allow "v" as an initial consonant.

2. But "very perfect" cannot be! Something is either perfect, or it is not!

Then again, perhaps from a Buddhist perspective "Every [being is/was/will be] perfect." The head, apparently, is the most sacred oart of the body and this is, after all, a hat store.

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The first order error is the spelling.

The second order error is the meaning.

Covering minutiae of campaign tactics instead of issues is meta.

"Going meta" is criticizing the blog or the moderation policies instead of engaging with the content or the posters.