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Charters = Corruption

When I was doing Campaign Countdown (which I really really want to revive under the name of American Daily Monitor) I had to categorize all the snippets I aggregated, and one thing I noticed, in story after story, is that it was equally likely that if I could throw a story into the "Charter" bucket, I could also throw it into the "Corruption" bucket. Today's example:

Anchoring news broadcasts at WUSA for more than 40 years, [J.C. Haward] appeared in thousands of living rooms across the region, becoming a face and a name that Washingtonians recognized. She emceed countless charity fundraising galas, built a reputation for caring about the city she covered. Viewers came to trust her, and many came to feel as if they knew her.

And then she was gone.

Shortly before Hayward appeared on air that first day of October – dressed as glamorously as ever in a pale pink suit and a pair of towering slingback heels – the D.C. attorney general filed a lawsuit naming her as one of five people involved in an effort to divert millions of dollars from a city charter school for troubled teens.

No shame.

Just remember: When you see those people smiling on the teebee:

  1. They are not smiling because they are your friend
  2. Although they are smiling about something
  3. So ask yourselves "What?"
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Submitted by DCblogger on

I remember her from TV. Never had strong opinions about her, accept she seemed pleasant enough as a news announcer. The only surprise is that she is being held accountable.

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Submitted by hyperpolarizer on

Personally I always thought that the real motivation behind the charter movement was to break the Teachers' Union, i.e. it was (IMO) just another front in the war on Labor (WOL) . Unlike most of WOL, teachers cannot be outsourced or off-shored, but if those pesky public schools could just be replaced, the Teachers' Union could be made irrelevant, and therefore essentially destroyed.