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Charleston, SC Gazette editorializes in favor of single payer

That's amazing. Why or why isn't single payer on the table in DC? Well, I know why....


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Easy enough mistake to make. I was on a business trip to Charleston WV, and the plane leaving Atlanta was one of those commuter jets that you have to walk onto the tarmac to board,the family sitting behind me (couple and a toddler) realized-- AFTER the plane was in the air, that they weren't going to Charleston SC like they had figured (by happenstance, the next commuter jet over on the tarmac).

Of course, they were freaking out, with the couple (who struck me as the sort who doesn't fly much) blaming themselves and the wife upset because they didn't have their luggage (which did make the right flight). They told the flight attendant, who said they wouldn't be able to get a flight to the OTHER Charleston (via Atlanta again) until the next day.

After the flight attendant walked away, I leaned around and quietly told the husband, "if you blame yourself, the airline will agree with you and leave you holding the bag. You need to be firm that THEY screwed up. This was a breach of contract, so besides flying you to where you paid to fly to, you expect the airline to pay for a hotel, meals, a cab ride to the nearest Walmart, and a change of clothes for your family."

He did and the flight attendant stammered they would take care of all that. My good day of the deed done, I decided to start drinking early that day. :o)

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But the occasion of a good story.