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Charles Pierce to Edward Snowden: "Your work here is done. Go away and quietly plan your legal defense."

Just unbelievable. Or all too believable.

It's pathetic to see Obots like Pierce exhibiting the same hatred and contempt for whistleblowers that, say, David Brooks does. I mean, seriously, "go away" why? Because hacks like Pierce and his drone-lobbing Preznit have done such a good job protecting our Fourth Amendment rights?

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The Sickening Snowden Backlash - The Daily Beast

David Brooks lamented that Snowden, …was too “individualistic." Brooks argued that “for society to function well, there have to be basic levels of trust and cooperation, a respect for institutions and deference to common procedures.”

David Brooks loves Obama, (the qouotes below relate to Obama's budget 2013) But you get the idea:

It’s time to entertain the possibility that President Obama is a right-wing extremist. After all, look at where he’s taking the country over his second term…
I generally come to celebrate, not criticize … Obama has the guts to take on special interests in his own party… [this] should put to rest those crazy claims that he is some sort of Norwegian socialist.