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Change for the Better: Strictly Pictures Edition

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News from DC: Google Earth now carries a clear image of the official residence of the Vice President of the United States of America (along with clear images of the White House, the Capitol, and some other fairly important DC landmarks). And, thank Ceiling Cat, FSM and all the gods, the official portrait of the vice president now looks like this:

In the Bad Old Days (last week) when Dark Lord of the Sith Richard Cheney occupied the Vice Presidential mansion, the view from Google Earth was ... ahem. Skewed? Smeared? Obscured? Plus the VP portrait was this: (yuk)
Unimportant, you say? Juvenile, you say? Tough, I say. I'm a Democrat. I take my wins where I can find 'em. So since Bush is back in Texas (no doubt scheming how to wreck the Rangers again, if not the Cowboys 'cause he's too far away to buy into either the Astros or the Houston NFL team; Lord, what DID we do, here in Texas, to piss You off so much You sent us both 41 and 43 in their "retirement"? 'Cause, seriously, we'll undo it!!!!), I'm thrilled all over that we now have comely faces in our government -- and better yet, those faces reflect, as their predecessors also did, their owners' mindsets. There are grownups -- confident and competent people rather than ideologues and scam artists -- in the White House again. So that's the end of the first week of the Obama administration, for me. Not perfect, but progress; and at least on its face, something I find far less terrifying than the set of monsters it's replaced.

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I have admit, Joe Biden looks like the grandfather you enjoy visiting each year around Christmastime while Dick Cheney just looks like a Bond Villain - the grimace on his face attempting to pass for a smile just says it all.