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I have often thought this:

The growing lesson of Hip Hop is the singularity of globalization. The Diasporic African is the first commodity identity with regards to global capital networks. Like salt, sugar, cocaine and heroin, the Negro is a global commodity. From New York to Mumbai; Moscow to Memphis, I’ve been greeted by the Jiggy, the Phat, the Chill, the Bling, the Hyphy and the Krunk. Hip Hop is the first culture of global capital. The neo-liberal privatization of national resources naturally leads to profound and disproportionate wealth distributions that skew the burden of existence onto the shoulders of the poor for the benefit of the rich. Out of the ghettos of America and their landscape of postindustrial urban blight, came an aesthetic of adaptation, innovation, and beauty that very nearly spun straw into gold.

As we settle into the new pattern of life dictated by the suppression of information, the commodification of knowledge and the privatization of the world communication infrastructure the Alchemical consciousness will be the difference between prosperity and destitution. The dawn of the creative class is the beta version of the new alchemist. As the velocity of capital increases, distinctions between being, value and exchange become negligible – identity and commodity become one.

Live links at original post. This reasonates with me for different reasons, as I'm not exactly the world traveler, but you can hear it in "world pop" music and perceive it if you ever watch any international TV or film or have poor friends from abroad. There are many, many implications in this, and I'm just sorry I don't have the time right now to go into them. But imagine: the American Negro as the icon, the ur-human, the symbol and model for the global revolution against neo-imperialism and globalization. There's so much more...

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