If you have "no place to go," come here!


1. The ads are now working for me.

Yes, it's OK to sell stuff, or link to pages that sell stuff (as long as it's legal, and the ad passes muster with the admin, whose judgment is arbitrary, whimsical, and not subject to appeal, as if I had to say that).

Examples of ads with The OK Nature: Your movie, books, consulting services, heirloom tomato seeds, knitting, ponies, jewelry.

Examples of ads with the Not OK Nature: Liquor, firearms, the scantily clad, torture implements, health insurance ads, anything with animated gifs, anything that plays sound on page load, for fuck's sake, obnoxious rollovers that cover the page, and other stuff that makes the admin want to put his fist through the screen.

I'm hoping that the ads are a two-fer: A way for Corrente to help people in rough times, and also a way to build traffic. (I mean, when you put up an ad here, you are going to link to it, right?)

To create an ad, click on New FREE ad. Select the Ad Group, whether Tag Sale (here) or rotating Sidebar display. Then choose whether your Ad Type will be HTML (with tags) or Text (plain, without formatting). Your ad will then go in the queue for the arbitrary and whimsical admin to approve, which will be done rapidly.

2. I added a whizzy new web technology called RDF to the mix, using Calais technology from Reuters to create linked data. I hope that RDF will not only build traffic, by making Corrente's rich content more widely available to search engines, but will help us structure the discourse to our advantage, by getting into the RDF world early with our content and keywords.

You will notice that there are a great many new keywords at the top of posts now; those are created by Calais. If any of them look wrong to you, then Edit the post, go to the Calais tab, fix what's wrong, and resubmit. NOTE: The site is now batch processing all the blog posts starting three years ago, and while it's doing that, things may be a bit sluggish.

3. I gave the glossary a once-over, deleting memes that never propagating, and updating definitions that were created to apply only to Republicans, but turn out to apply to whichever party is in power in Versailles.

4. Sometimes the scripture filter misfires, and mistakes something like The 300% for a reference to Thessalonians, a book in the Bible. The behavior can be defeated by putting the cursor immediately after the The in "The" and adding an empty tag, like The<em></em> 30:

The 300%.

5. Fixed a similar problem for glossary. Sometimes Versailles is really [no-glossary]Versailles[/no-glossary]! There's a new button right after U for underline; select some text, click No-Gloss, and nothing in the selection will be formatted like a glossary term. (Yes, it would be nice to solve the Thessalonians problem that way, too, but that would be work....)

Things still to do:

1. Clean up the damn date fields on the Calendar.

2. Continue to improve advertising functionality.

Readers, thoughts?

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