If you have "no place to go," come here!



1. The logo should no longer have the overprinting "Corrente."

2. Categories have returned to blog posts (oops!)

3. "Today in Health Care Reform" is back in the sidebar.

4. And I changed Chat Boxes (potentially, chat rooms) to another chat technology, which, now that the weird refresh problems have (I hope) been solved, I'm going to stick with, because it has some nice features I like.

First feature: When you're responding, click on the time in the line to which you are respoding (like 16:35:10). That time will appear in your post, and after you've Posted, hovering over 16:35:10 in your post will highlight the post that was posted at 16:35:10. So more of a conversation is possible.

In addition, it has some neat features, like /weather Philadelphia, PA gives the weather in Philadelphia, /translate en zh-TW east gives the Chinese word for "east," /users lists the users chatting, and so on. Maybe if people can come up with some more ideas for functionality like this (the glossary?) I could implement them.

So, chat looks stable and I won't take it down. Please do use it.

5. Finally, I've moved the blogroll link to the top to encourage people to create them. I found two great posts just today from C-list blogs I hadn't visited. But do make sure of the quality of the writing -- if there's nothing you want to link to or post about on the front page, it probably shouldn't be on the blogroll...

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