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While the hamsters were out for a run, I made some changes to the blog -- I'll start with the changes that readers can see when they log in, and then go below the fold to mention those that contributors can see.

I added some blocks to the right hand sidebar. Log in, and start from the top:

1. Note the Blogroll. Finally. This block lists 10 randomly rotating blogs from our blogroll (of which more below).

2. Now try out the Chat Box. We tried this chat module before, and though it was popular, it was also buggy. So I'm hoping with updated modules, the bugs have gone away. UPDATE: I've made the box refresh every minute or so. Hopefully that will stop it from being confused about users, too.

3. And at the very bottom of the sidebar, we have a Random Term from our vast arsenal of liberal invective.

To make room for these new features, I moved the masthead down, and moved Recent Comments and Recent Posts to the middle sidebar. UPDATE: I'm still tinkering the sidebar arrangement. It's looking a little cluttered, now.

Next, the top menubar has been changed:

4. The Calendar menu item now leads to a monthly Calendar -- though it needs events! (See below. Mad as Hell Doctors?)

5. The Glossary menu item now leads to a neatly formatted page with terms broken out by letter.

6. The Blogroll menu item leads to the complete blogroll (from which the rotating blogs in the sidebar block are taken).

In posts, as you see:

7. Glossary is working again: Moran, DFH, FKDP, and VRWC. However, a lot of the definitions need to be updated, since many of them date from 2003-2006, before it became evident that many behaviors we thought were unique to Republicans were common to Versailles.

8. Likewise, devils can quote Scripture to their purpose once more: Genesis 1:1.

9. URLs turn into links -- -- though please use links, it's better for style

10. twitter names turn into links: @correntewire

11. twitter hash tags turn into links: #singlepayer

Now, here are the changes that posters will see:

The first set of changes pertains to items under "Post Other Content" in the middle sidebar:

12. Advertisements. I'll have more to say about a Corrente "Tag Sale" in the near future -- business model! --- but for now, perhaps people could just experiment with it? I've put up a My Ad Sandbox menu item, so if you post one, at least you can see what it looks like and find it again.

13. Events now work. There's a nifty little widget to add the dates with. I'm hoping that when people put up single payer events, for example, they use this content type, since it will go on the Calendar. But hearings, local actions, book salons, anything could go here. (Why use Google's when we can make our own?!)

14. New Blogroll Link. Post a new "Web Link" to get a blog on the blogroll. But please -- let's stay one or two degrees separated from Versailles! Let's give the traffic -- to the extent that a blog everybody hates and nobody reads has any traffic, of course -- to the other blogs that need it, and don't already have it. (I use Alexa to check circulation.) Since we can't go vertical, through Versailles, lest we catch what they've got, we'd better learn to go horizontal.

15. Private Message announcements will now be made every hour or less, so I hope people find this great feature more useful. (The next step would be to protect the messages with P


P, get it now?) Before I made this change, you'd only find out that you had a new message when you logged out and then logged back in, which didn't help our most frequent posters at all, since they never log out!

Finally, there are some small changes to the edit form for posts:

16. All posts can now be announced on twitter; I set up a generic Corrente account* for this. In the edit tab, look for "Announce this post on Twitter" below the "Body" box where you enter your post, make sure that the check box is checked, and select "correntewire" for the account. When you Submit, the headline of the post will turn into a tweet. (Remember how I keep saying headlines are important?) UPDATE: This doesn't seem to be working. Posts ought to show up at the general account. My posts are showing up, so there's an issue with the general account....

17. All posts can now be scheduled to be published and/or unpublished at a future time. In the edit tab, look under the post box for "Scheduling options" and enter a (future) date and time in the text field (sorry, no nifty widget, but you can copy the "format" under the field and then alter it). NOTE: It will take up to an hour for a scheduled post to publish.

* * *

Not yet done: Getting the logo to rotate again, and doing some clever things with RDF. Perhaps tomorrow night.

So, if you need anything fixed, please comment here.

NOTE * The twitter module permits tweeting to individual accounts, but the administrative interface where the accounts get set up is slightly broken, and I don't feel like fixing it right now.

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Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

i submitted something in the chat box, and got a notice at the top of the page saying that my shout had been submitted, but it doesn't show up in the chat box....
except, that is, when I preview a comment. Then my "chatbox" message shows up just fine.
EDIT: Ah, now that I've saved a comment, the "shout" has shown up. But I can't add a new comment to this thread, instead I have to edit this one.

Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

I just did another message ("testing again") and it showed up immediately.
And while I can't add another original comment in this thread, the "reply" function works just fine -- hence the new comment.

Aeryl's picture
Submitted by Aeryl on

The chat box tries to tell me I'm someone else.

Can we choose the comment order, cuz I like newer ones on the bottom.

Other than that, it looks great!

Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

okay, now I'm finding that there can only be one actual "comment" on each post -- everything else has to be a "reply" to the first person who commented (or to someone who replied already.)

Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

....and to add to my confusion, the most recent reply comes up first in this series of replies to my original comment!

Jeff W's picture
Submitted by Jeff W on

I was going to try adding this event to the calendar but I got an Access Denied message. :(

Can someone a bit more "accessible" add it?

Actually, I don't mind being denied access but if I can't do it, do I really need an active link saying Events? (I guess it's too hard to make the link conditional on one's rights.)

Comment order

And, as Paul_Lukasiak says, the ordering of these comments is strange, at least compared to what we're used to here. My comment, which was last in time, appears on top.

vastleft's picture
Submitted by vastleft on

I get a Web Link Vocabulary error upon posting attempt, unless I click in that field and then into another field, and then posting.

BDBlue's picture
Submitted by BDBlue on

goes to your comment and not to the main page. I think it's awesome Wampum is on the roll, btw. I read several months, if not a year, ago that they were quitting the blog, but I was happy to see via your recent link and Susie's that they haven't.

Submitted by lambert on


danps's picture
Submitted by danps on

See here. You really need to shoot me an email so I can send along urgent video game-related developments.

Like the changes, lambert!

BDBlue's picture
Submitted by BDBlue on

But maybe that's just because these days I prefer fantasy to reality.

Valkyria 2 will hopefully be as charming as the original without the few downsides. I downloaded the DLC for Valkyria over the weekend as a test run for the Fallout 3 DLC. Haven't played the more interesting extras since you need to beat the game first (and I had deleted my successful games), but they got solid reviews. It's my first attempt at adding on over the PSN.

danps's picture
Submitted by danps on

Let's talk about that offline. That sounds interesting.

BDBlue's picture
Submitted by BDBlue on

But didn't buy it. I want to read a few reviews and see if a demo is available on PSN. I'm generally cheap when it comes to games, waiting until the price drops (see my recent acquisition of Bioshock, which I join Dan in recommending). But if a game looks awesome, sometimes I splurge. Haven't seen enough of Wet to decide yet.

If you play it, I'd love to hear what you think.

danps's picture
Submitted by danps on

My email is dan (at) pruningshears (dot) us.

koan's picture
Submitted by koan on

Is anyone else seeing two offset & staggered copies of "Corrente" in the logo when you change viewing size for the page?

Happens at all IE "View / Text Size" settings other than "Medium". (Ctrl+mouse-scrollwheel-roll to shift)

[rubs eyes] disorienting on a Monday morning

Also the Magritte subheader sometimes migrates down into the next bar above 'All Comments', but its not consistent.

Submitted by lambert on

I'm going to fix that when I put in the rotating logo tonight.

jumpjet's picture
Submitted by jumpjet on

When I click the 'read more' link at the bottom of the entry on the front page, I can get to it, but not when I click the title of the entry- that just takes me back to the front page.

Submitted by lambert on

Looks like I have theming issue, but I can't fix that tonight. In the meantime, you can use the "Read more... " link.

vastleft's picture
Submitted by vastleft on

According to the My Posts page, there's a comment posted on post with the Will Farrell video, but I don't see any comments there, nor -- as Jawbone mentioned -- a place to write a comment.