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The Center for Plain Language

Who knew there was such a thing (and no, the name is not ironic).

Via Felix Salmon.

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Submitted by dkfennell on

... is "Plain language is a civil right."

Remember the time when that group of plain speakers on its way to march on Washington was set upon by a group of grad students fresh from a seminar on Jacques Derrida. The fact that the dog attacks and use of fire hoses was caught on video I think was the major reason that Congress was shamed into passing the Americans-who-use-Anglo-Saxon-derived-words Act. We are all now better off, even if it did cost something extra to have buses and subways equip themselves with bilingual emergency exit signs.

Submitted by lambert on

Yeah, those Derrida fans over-reached. They had it coming.

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Still, given the sheer volume of bullshit we're being subjected to, I'm not sure I disagree with the idea. Isn't plain language as a civil right a straightforward generalization of the fairness doctrine? Just throwing the point out there...

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

but i'm a huge advocate of plain speaking and writing. not stupid; plain. there really is a difference. fact based is the way to go, and it's totally possible to do that simply, without embellishment. it's not right every time, but a lot of times it is, esp in this media environment. i was just making this argument earlier in another forum.

i love words. don't get me wrong. but there are times when less is more. sure as hell helped me in one of my mandatory philosophy courses. thank the FSM for the 'plain speaking' philos i got to read, they made the rest of that stuff bearable. ;-)