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Censorship at the WonkRoom?

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Lambert, DC Blogger and various commenters at Correntewire report an observed problem at The Wonk Room. Experience, tests, and screen shots indicate that the Wonk Room site is rejecting links to the PNHP and Health Care-Now web sites. Both sites advocate for enhanced Medicare for All, while the WonkRoom and its parent organization the Center for American Progress are advocates for the public option.

The problems observed by correntewire bloggers could be due to technical difficulties as well as an explicit attempt to censor comments that link to Medicare for All web sites. If censorship is involved, however, this would not only be highly inappropriate and unethical from the viewpoint of progressive ideology, but considering that the Center for the American Progress is one of the “progressive” organizations backed partially by both George Soros, the leading advocate for Karl Popper's ideas about Open Society, and the Open Society Institute, the organization he founded and supports to encourage the evolution of Open Society worldwide, the inconsistency between the practice of censorship and the ideals OSI and Soros-supported organizations are supposed to uphold would be striking to say the least.

I hope for the sake of the Center and its purported ideals that the appearance of censorship in the comment section of the Wonk Room is just due to a technical glitch and not to a deliberate attempt at censorship. I, personally, would feel great disappointment if any Soros-assisted organization were involved in censorship aimed at Medicare for All advocates and, having followed his activities and writings for some time, I suspect that George Soros would be just as disappointed at any such practices.

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Submitted by lambert on

It's very unclear to me why single payer organizations -- both PNHP and HCAN['t] -- would not go through, and others would. Perhaps I'm paranoid -- but perhaps not.

Submitted by hipparchia on

i think you need to change HCAN to HC-N in your comment. of course, hcan would never have intentionally chosen a name [and intitals] that could be easily confused with that of a single payer organization. /s

Submitted by hipparchia on

obviously i didn't make the point i thought i was making. trying to not use snark when speaking of hcan[t] is difficult for me, but here goes...

the wonk room DID NOT censor/moderate any comments that contained links to hcan [health care for america now, co-opters of single payer advocates] sites, but DID censor/moderate links to hc-n [health care now, single payer advocates] sites. it doesn't matter if you change your typing in that line from hcan to hcan't or not, they're both still referring to the same NON-single-payer site and including that site in the list [of moderated/censored links] with pnhp is a factual error. none of the comments that who linked to hcan [snarkily known as hcan't] got moderated.

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

for your very clear statement, hipparchia.

Submitted by hipparchia on

and then left to do some rl stuff for a while, i got to thinking, gee i could have made that even clearer and used even fewer words in my re-explanation. apparently just the mention of hcan fries all my brain cells.

speaking of which, i see that jason rosenbaum, in one of his hcan-approved posts no less, linked to a pnhp artcle.

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

We must be reaching the end of the world.