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Cats (remember cats?)

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As I was saying last November…***

Sophia on the table. ©editor_u, All Rights Reserved

No Plantidote, no Petidote, no Fruit-of-the-Month Club, no Friday Cat Blogging, even. Only, here and there, a glimpse of random beauty. Otherwise gloom, pre-revolutionary cell meetings, and whatnot. Well, at least we haven't had an earthquake lately.

***Alas, for some reason the link in that November posting to the lead picture's source seems not to work properly, so there's no image displayed. Strange – it worked before. The Flickr URL itself still seems to work, pasted into a fresh browser window. Also, clicking on the space where the picture should be opens the image at its Flickr page. I'll keep working on it, but in the meantime, here it is again – this time uploaded to the Corrente servers.

Alex, Niki, Emily, and Friend. ©editor_u, All Rights Reserved

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Thanks, jawbone and lambert. Sophia IS a gorgeous cat. Nearly all calicos are compellingly beautiful, I think. They do tend to have a wacky streak (yes, even more so than other cats), though my girl is rather mellow by comparison with others we've had (or still have).

Ah, yes, jawbone… dear departed cats. Mine still show up in dreams, more so than do my parents.