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Catholic Church protects male privilege, couldn't care less about women's lives

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Compare and contrast this:

The Vatican reports cited countless cases of nuns forced to have sex with priests. Some were obliged to take the pill, others became pregnant and were encouraged to have abortions. In one case in which an African sister was forced to have an abortion, she died during the operation and her aggressor led the funeral mass.

With this:

When it comes to Catholic teaching on abortion, no exceptions are allowed. Even if carrying a pregnancy to term would result in the death of both mother and child, abortion is still not an option.

Which is why a nun who is an administrator at a Catholic hospital in Phoenix this week found herself formally excommunicated -- essentially the sacramental equivalent of capital punishment.

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Submitted by PA_Lady on

How on earth can any woman (or any decent human being) continue to affiliate with the RCC? Its naked contempt for anyone who is not an adult male Catholic is not, and cannot, be hidden...and yet, people continue to support and defend it.

It's enough to make me hope there really is a day of reckoning in the afterlife.

Side note: I also dislike the Independent's reporter (and all others) using the passive phrase "forced to have sex." No. They were raped. Just say it.

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Just contemptible.