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Fecal cliff budget deal: Modified rapture on wind


Grist again:

Traditionally, PTC [Production Stimulus Credit] money is available to a wind project only once it is up and running, putting electricity on the wires. That’s why so many wind projects raced to finish in 2012, when it looked like the PTC would expire. The Finance Committee bill changed the PTC so that the money would be available to any wind project that breaks ground in the calendar year. That allows projects to be built (and financed) over longer periods of time without worrying about losing the tax incentive. I’ve heard informal estimates that one year of this kind of PTC is worth two or three years of the conventional PTC.

Of course, if you deal in hydrocarbons, you get to suck on the public teat forever, and none of this "calendar year" stuff. Read more about Fecal cliff budget deal: Modified rapture on wind

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Friday Energidote: Kitegen's Prototype Stem

And now for something completely different.

We have our plantidotes, petidotes, and insectidotes here on Corrente, but at least once I thought I might put forward an antidote that humans have made, an antidote to more than one sort of poison. Read more about Friday Energidote: Kitegen's Prototype Stem

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