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400 Brave NYC Fast Food Workers Unite & Strike!


Did you know that approximately $200 billion is grossed annually by the fast food industry?

Did you know that the average yearly salary of fast food employees in NYC is $11,000? Pretty small considering the City’s notorious sky-high rents and cost of living!

Did you know that $25,000 is the average DAILY salary of most fast food industry CEOs? (Over two times what the average NYC fast food worker makes in a year!)

Something is colossally and amorally wrong with this economic picture. Read more about 400 Brave NYC Fast Food Workers Unite & Strike!

Stand w/ Strikers Black Friday: BOYCOTT WALMART!


Please Pledge To Boycott Walmart This Black Friday!

It’s time to support Walmart workers who are fighting for an economy that works for all of us – let’s support their strike this Black Friday by not crossing the picket line.

Why are Walmart workers standing up all across the country?

Watch the youtube!

“Because we live in America, we work for the world’s largest company, and we’re still not making it.”

“Because I have to choose between paying my bills and having enough to eat.”

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