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Obama to Seniors: ‘Thank you for dying!’


Kate Randall in “Obamacare and the ‘crisis’ of an aging population” bluntly writes:

Underlying the immediate issue of the failure of the new web site is the character of Obamacare itself—an attack on health care cloaked in the guise of “reform,” whose basic aim is to slash health care spending and shift a greater cost burden onto the backs of individuals. ....


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Blankfein's Bad Math and an LTE Opportunity

A few days ago, Goldman Sux CEO Lloyd Blankfein was "interviewed" by a CBS tool, giving him an opportunity to explain that entitlements like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are just too expensive to continue. Yes, it's old news, already reported earlier here and here. But what I totally missed is that Blankfein's math is waaaaaay off, creating an opening for some LTEs. Read more about Blankfein's Bad Math and an LTE Opportunity

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This Isn't Going To End Well

Remember those 30 years you spent working at a job you didn't like all that much so that you'd be able to retire one day? Sorry about that. The states' public employee retirement and health care funds are in the hole by nearly $1.4 trillion -- with a T. Read more about This Isn't Going To End Well

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