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Is Progressivism in the Eye of the Beholder?

Thomas Palley recently blogged a post that was cross-posted at Naked Capitalism where I read it. In it, he discussed the question of whether Hillary Clinton's apparent intention to run as a progressive in 2016 represents a sincere change in her views, or whether it is just a political communications strategy to please the progressive base of the Democratic Party.

In his analysis, Palley points to Clinton's failure to answer questions of journalists and to be pinned down to specifics on policy questions. He also points to the fact that the economic advisers who are central to Clintonworld still include Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, and Peter Orszag, and, I think, he reasonably could have added Gene Sperling and Jack Lew, who are still serving President Obama, but who were two of Bill Clinton's mainstays. These economists, and others associated with the Clintons had a hand in all the economic policy failures of the past 20 years, and continues with this money quote: Read more about Is Progressivism in the Eye of the Beholder?

Jesus Would Be an Advocate for Single Payer


Re-POST of 7/2/09, FDL

“Whatever you do to the least among us, you do unto me.”

Jesus would be an advocate for a universal Single Payer Plan. If Jesus were in the Senate today, only he and Vermont’s Bernie Sanders would be backing S 703 for Single Payer. If Jesus were in the House of Representatives, he would have 80 possible comrades on his side on this issue backing HR 676. Jesus was used to standing tall in a true moral minority. Sometimes in a minority of one.

Jesus was a messenger for truth, justice and compassion. And as what happens to most effective messengers telling serious truth to serious power, Jesus was betrayed and crucified. Jesus rose up again. Read more about Jesus Would Be an Advocate for Single Payer

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There is no and never was a public option

Health Care Reform Reminder: Dems Could Still Pass Public Option Through Reconciliation

There is no public option.
There never was a public option.
The public option is an advertising slogan devised by Celinda Lake to divert progressive energy from the single payer movement. Kipp Sullivan documented this in a 5 part series.

You cannot pass legislation that has not been proposed. Read more about There is no and never was a public option

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Watch Out for Those Health Care Reform Polls


The AP recently released poll results on how people feel about the health care reform bill. Commenting on it, Kevin Drum says:

Atrios links to a Dave Dayen post that links to a report that says, "A new AP poll finds that Americans who think the law should have done more outnumber those who think the government should stay out of health care by 2-to-1." And the poll does say that. However, it doesn't say what "done more" means, and the actual numbers suggest that a more liberal law wouldn't have been any more popular than what we got. Here are the basic results from the AP poll: 30% favor the healthcare reform law, 40% oppose, and 30% aren't sure. Then they asked the 70% who were opposers and not surers a second question:

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The Stuff About Single Payer That We Don't Like To Discuss

(Hi - I usually post at my own blog, but I've been growing into a regular Coreente visitor and commenter. I could give a long explanation of how I got here, but basically, I've been writing a blog for 3 years or so, I'm very liberal, and I feel very strongly about healthcare issues, which I've been exposed to for a really long time. Read more about The Stuff About Single Payer That We Don't Like To Discuss

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The Public-Option Rebellion

The figures turn the MA election upside down: MA was not a victory for the GOP, not at all. In fact, it was the exact opposite. It wasn't a win for Brown; it wasn't a loss for Coakley.

It was a chest-pounding triumph for liberals: the Public-Option Rebellion.

From RJ Eskow: Read more about The Public-Option Rebellion

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Messaging Madness, FireDogLake Edition

I admit it, I signed Firedoglake's "kill the bill" petition, and due to that momentary burst of enthusiasm, I am now on the FDL mailing list.

Today I received this gem in my Inbox:

Hi MadamaB,

You were one of almost 40,000 activists who signed our petition to kill the Senate's bill - thanks so much for your support.

While the Senate's terrible health care bill passed early on Christmas Eve, the fight is far from over. Each chamber of Congress has to vote for a final bill that has yet to be shaped. At that point, President Obama's signature will deliver the final word on health care reform.

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Why They Don't Want To Use Reconciliation


The solid front of Democratic Party progressives supporting the Senate's health care form bill, has now cracked wide open with Howard Dean's call to kill the Senate bill and start over in the House with reconciliation. Read more about Why They Don't Want To Use Reconciliation

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15: another interesting percentage


"It turns out that a significant minority of about 25 percent of the people who opposed the plan - or about 12 of the overall sample - did so from the left; they thought the plan didn't go far enough." So, 15% of Americans actually know that "The Plan" for health care reform will hurt our chances of getting real health care reform. However, not all of us oppose the plan for that reason - some support it because they understand that it will pretty much kill real health care reform.

quoting Jim Moss over at FDL: Read more about 15: another interesting percentage

Dems to shit-can [a|the] [strong|robust]? public [health insurance]? [option|plan] -- ?

[Readers, please add updates and your thoughts in posts or comments here as more of whatever these guys are doing leaks; RL has called me away from the keyboard. More from Ezra, WKJM, BooMan, McClatchy, Dean, Pravda and Izvestia below, as the stories appeared. -- lambert]

AP: Read more about Dems to shit-can [a|the] [strong|robust]? public [health insurance]? [option|plan] -- ?

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Small business support for the public option

Small Business Owners Stand Up To Giant Insurance Lobby

Today, eight small business owners affiliated with the Main Street Alliance showed up at the conference with a simple question for Ignagni: Why is AHIP attempting to maintain the status quo? After sending a letter Friday requesting a meeting, the entrepreneurs were not surprisingly rebuffed. Instead, they appeared outside the conference, where they explained, one-by-one, how the exploding cost of health care premiums was making it difficult to operate profitably.


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