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Pete Peterson

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The Pete Peterson Foundation Hosting Forum NOW On C-Span 2 Television [Friday, November 16, 9:00 a.m.] Link Below.


"Fiscal Cliff As A Policy Opportunity" -- PLEASE WATCH.

Pete Peterson calls Bowles and Simpson "heroes and patriots."

Alan Simpson calls Peterson "a Prince."

Bowles says: "Pete Peterson laid the foundation for this, we stand on his shoulders."

Then Bowles states the real reason for eviscerating the social safety net: "We have to have the money for investment (infrastructure, R&D, education) to compete in a knowledge-based world." Read below the fold...

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The Insanity Isn't the Deficit Spending; It's Claiming That the Government's Budget Is Like A Household Budget!

It's a trope with our politicians, including the President, his likely Republican opponent Mitt Romney, and an emerging third party candidate over at Americans Elect and NoLabels, Pete Peterson's long-time Sancho Panza, David Walker. The trope says that the Government is just a family, even though it's a very big one, and that, like any family, it has a “household” budget, called the Government budget. Read below the fold...

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The “Progressive” Give-Up Formula Is Alive and Well In the Latest Deficit Reduction Plans


Self-styled “progressive organizations” and commentators have been releasing their own deficit reduction plans in reply to the plans released by Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, Alice Rivlin and Pete Domenici, and The Peterson-Pew Commission. These new plans, were released by the Institute for America's Future, Citizens Commission on Jobs, Deficits, and America's Economic Future and Our Fiscal Security, a collaboration of Demos, the Economic Policy Institute, and The Century Foundation (TCF). The first, “Report and Recommendations of Citizens Commission on Jobs, Deficits, and America's Economic Future” was written by Jeff Madrick with contributions from Roger Hickey, R. J. Eskow, Robert Borosage, Dean Baker, Robert Kuttner, Robert Pollin, and other unnamed Commission members. The second, “Investing in America's Economy: A Budget Blueprint for Economic Recovery and Fiscal Responsibility” was written by Becky Thiess and Andrew Fieldhouse, both of EPI, with contributions from Heather McGhee (Demos, Defense Spending), Maggie Mahar (TCF, Health Care), and Josh Bivens (EPI and relating public investments to economic growth). The report was also written under the guidance of Greg Anrig (TCF), Tamara Draut (Demos), and John Irons (EPI). Read below the fold...

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AmericaSpeaks But It's Not What Pete Peterson and Crowd Want to Hear

Froomkin today tags the encouraging news that deficit-whiner and Catfood Commission architect Peterson's continuing attempts to convince us that we need to gut “entitlements” and slash taxes under the rubric of a deficit crisis backfired. Lambert promised me a sticky-post if I posted on one of the highlights (my first ever! Yaay!) of the rebellion, on single payer, so here goes: Read below the fold...

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Co-ordinated Around the Wrong Thing


Yesterday, R. J. Eskow remarked:

We expected to see an all-out assault on Social Security and progressive taxation in November, and we expected it to come under the banner of "deficit reduction." That was always the plan: Wait until after the election, when a lame-duck Congress could pass the preferred policies with the least political blowback. Then release a flurry of like-minded proposals and supportive editorials to create the illusion of consensus, capped by a coordinated media blitz to pressure the President and Congress into accepting them.

Read below the fold...

Watch out for this one

Bloomberg reports on forthcoming report funded by Pete "Ice Floes" Peterson on health care savings. No doubt all of Versailles will happily accept the cover the report will provide to argue that the CBO cost estimates for health care insurance "reform" don't take these savings into account, and so whatever shit sausage Versailles comes up with is jake with the angels. Yay! Read below the fold...

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