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Patrick Martin

2014 Election & Plutocratic Psychopathy


Barry Grey and Patrick Martin in “The US elections and the American plutocracy” declare that the Democratic and Republican parties agree on austerity, government spying, tax breaks for the rich and war.

Hunger, homelessness, joblessness, Detroit’s bankruptcy are not worth seriously addressing by either of them in this election cycle. Read more about 2014 Election & Plutocratic Psychopathy

Door #1-Ebola Safety, Door #2-WW III: US Chooses Door #2

According to Patrick Martin in “Political issues in the Ebola crisis”, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has infected more than 8,000 people and 4,000 have died. There are no signs that this outbreak is about to be controlled. Read more about Door #1-Ebola Safety, Door #2-WW III: US Chooses Door #2

EBOLA Crisis Dooming Legacy of West's Capitalism/Imperialism


So far there has been only a relatively tiny amount of international aid to combat the profoundly dangerous Ebola epidemic. There have only been a few hundred international volunteer doctors and nurses, many of whom are now dead or who have withdrawn to avoid infection. Read more about EBOLA Crisis Dooming Legacy of West's Capitalism/Imperialism

The Judicial Frame-Up of OWS Protester Cecily McMillan

Let’s say you are a passionate, peace-and-justice advocating 25-year old female graduate student at NYC’s School of Social Research, participating in a legal OWS demonstration of several hundred in March 2012 at Zuccotti Park in NYC -- its sixth month memorial celebration. Suddenly from behind a man gropes your chest and you instinctively elbow him in the eye. Immediately you are set upon and beaten to the ground by multiple police officers. You are arrested and taken to a hospital where you are handcuffed to a bed. Read more about The Judicial Frame-Up of OWS Protester Cecily McMillan

U.S. Deepens Afghanistan’s Doom

Bill Van Auken in “US ultimatum on permanent occupation of Afghanistan” writes:

... In 2012, the Democratic incumbent campaigned for reelection vowing that all US troops would be out of Afghanistan by December 31, 2014. His running mate, Joe Biden, declared, “We are leaving Afghanistan in 2014, period. There are no if, ands or buts.”


Obama/Congress Traitors to Privacy, Assembly, Due Process

According to Naomi Wolf, the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund filed a request for documentation records about government surveillance of the Occupy Movement. Read more about Obama/Congress Traitors to Privacy, Assembly, Due Process

Politics of Crony-Cowardism Landslides Politics of Courage!

“All compromise is based on give and take, but there can be no give and take on fundamentals. Any compromise on mere fundamentals is a surrender. For it is all give and no take.” Gandhi

The majority of American voters compromised on fundamentals on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. They returned Obama to the seat of presidential power.

The Obama machine even managed to get Daniel Ellsberg and Bruce Springsteen to crony up for Obama.

Obama the war criminal. Obama the white collar corporate criminal.

Obama deserved impeachment long before this 2012 election. But we are living in what David Brooks labeled Post-Morality America. Read more about Politics of Crony-Cowardism Landslides Politics of Courage!

Commander-in-Chef Obama To Serve Boiled Frogs or Lame Duck?


“Wasn’t that awful what happened to Jill Stein?”

It was the first thing I said to my coworker through the wall of our adjoining cubes when I got back to work on Friday night. R___’s a trusted friend and an avid daily reader and watcher and listener of current events, including what I used to consider the “hard stuff”, like the NYT, Atlantic, New Yorker, NewsHour, NPR, etc. I’ll bring up a news tidbit, R__ can not only be counted on to have heard about it, but to fill in the details for me.

R____ is also extremely respectful to me as a Green Party advocate. He is one of my very few coworkers who wouldn’t respond to my question with, “Who the hell is Jill Stein?” Instead, he responded:

“Why? What happened to Jill Stein?”

Dem Good Cop vs. Repub Bad Cop Posturing


Patrick Martin of wsws writes:

The opening night of the Democratic National Convention provided a grossly distorted picture of the Obama administration, presenting a right-wing, pro-corporate, anti-working-class government as though it was the second coming of the New Deal.

According to Patrick Martin of wsws the price tag for the US taxpayer is $18 million for this political ritual of the Democratic Convention. But he adds there are “tens of millions more from corporations and banks.” This is only fitting since the Democratic Party is as pro-corporate as the Republican Party.

Martin writes: Read more about Dem Good Cop vs. Repub Bad Cop Posturing

Should Immigrant Youth Trust Obama?


David Brown and Patrick Martin of wsws don’t think so, either. In their article, “Obama’s Cynical Gesture to Immigrant Youth” they have put together a more comprehensive argument than my initial one, which was based on the merciless sirens of cognitive dissonance that bounce around in my skull every time Obama opens his mouth.

Not that they don’t have strong feelings also. They call this “gesture” of Obama’s “CYNICAL” and “SELF-SERVING” and a probable “TROJAN HORSE.” Read more about Should Immigrant Youth Trust Obama?

Obama, NATO, Chicago, Fascism & Genocide

The 25th summit of NATO was held in Chicago.

What did it mean? I mean REALLY mean for us bottom and captive 99 percenters in the U.S. and in the world at large?

The propaganda paint job of the Obama regime is that NATO countries are doing mutual strategizing particularly to bring an end to the war in Afghanistan. Read more about Obama, NATO, Chicago, Fascism & Genocide

Obama’s 'Hit-Man-In-Chief' Bragging Rights! Really?

Patrick Martin of wsws has posted a provocative article on Barack Obama’s campaign use of the “take out” of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. Martin:

There is something particularly degrading about the use of a state killing—in which dozens of heavily armed special ops troops mowed down the fugitive in front of his wives and children—to promote a political campaign. Obama presents himself, not so much even as commander-in-chief, but as “hitman-in-chief,” appealing to the worst social instincts.

snip Read more about Obama’s 'Hit-Man-In-Chief' Bragging Rights! Really?

GP's Jill Stein: Obama’s 'Loose War Talk' Is Replay of Bush

Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein is disturbed by the ever-escalating efforts of Obama and members of Congress to launch a war with Iran.

She asserted today:

“A hallmark of a Stein administration will be respect for international law and a rejection of the Bush doctrine of preemptive war that Obama and his party have come to embrace. The interests of the American people are not served by illegal attacks on other nations based on hypothetical future transgressions.  Yet President Obama is threatening Iran with attack by saying that 'all options are on the table'. It’s a terrible replay of Bush's run-up to the invasion of Iraq over the mythical weapons of mass destruction.”

Whew! Obama & Dems Promoting MODERATE Economic Terrorism


Jerry White of wsws back in April wrote about Obama’s campaign tour to confuse America that what is needed is faux-shared sacrifice bullet-biting austerity right now. Oh yes, and the now familiar razzle dazzle of the Obama “lesser of two evils” path that the Dem Devastation of the elderly’s pensions and health care, the gutting of social services, the administration’s stunning lack of seriousness about escalating unemployment are CERTAINLY PREFERABLE to what those crazed Republicans would do to us all. Read more about Whew! Obama & Dems Promoting MODERATE Economic Terrorism

Obama Slides On Progressive Mask for 2012 As “Bargaining Phase” Dems Prove Stuck Still in 5 Stages of Grief


(572 Obama-dumping days until 2012 election-Hugh's Obama's Scandals List)

My Green Party friend, Daniel, encouraged me to write a blog about Obama’s budget speech for his website. I gulped. Just as with W, sustained Obama viewing makes me nauseous.

Except for a few enraging excerpts of the speech I glimpsed, provided by gaga MSNBC anchors, I thought I had escaped having to endure this particular pile of Obama say-anything bullshit. But I made myself sit down and listen to it on youtube last night. Every last, saccharine, mendacious word of it. Read more about Obama Slides On Progressive Mask for 2012 As “Bargaining Phase” Dems Prove Stuck Still in 5 Stages of Grief


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