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An open letter to #OccupyWallStreet


Sometimes I think I may have something to contribute to #OccupyWallStreet. Sometimes I don't know. The only people who would know are you, if you've seen what I'm talking about. So, well, here goes. Sorry that I'm talking about my own stuff. I don't know any other way to let you know about it, and it may be worth your time.

I'm not trying to answer the question about "What's the message?" The message is "A fair deal for the 99%!" Obviously. Read more about An open letter to #OccupyWallStreet

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Occupy Wall Street and the great unmasking

Here was the scene last night at Occupy Wall Street (OWS):
Read more about Occupy Wall Street and the great unmasking

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Occupy Wall Street, Day 19

Arrests and violence:

Live stream. Read more about Occupy Wall Street, Day 19

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Occupy Wall Street, Day 17

University of Puerto Rico Strike Leaders Solidarity with Wall St. Occupation

LA gearing up.

Detroit gearing up. Read more about Occupy Wall Street, Day 17

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OutFOX-ing FOX

FAUX news went down to Zuccotti Park to do interviews of ragged hippies, and ran into this guy instead. He deserves his own show. Frigging brilliant.

Of course it didn't get aired. Read more about OutFOX-ing FOX

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Occupy Wall Street, Day 15

Live stream here.

Mass arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge. (pic).

First Precinct phone is 212-334-0611. Joshua Paul has a riveting timeline, with pictures. Here are some: Read more about Occupy Wall Street, Day 15

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It's the Organization, Stupid

While the NYT apologizes for the NYPD brutality, and even the lefty media has been twisting its pearls because the protesters have no, gasp, "single, unified message", a design student at Parsons has produced the best document about the Occupy Wall Street happening that I've seen. The student, JR Baldwin, had a novel approach--he actually went and spoke to key organizers in person and asked them how they put it together! (Reporting..what a concept.) Read more about It's the Organization, Stupid

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Occupy Wall Street, Day 11

Jeanne Mansfield has a gripping first hand account of the violence over the weekend - including the assault on her. Here's a detail I've noticed over and over again: Read more about Occupy Wall Street, Day 11

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Occupy Wall Street, Day 10

One of my refrains this year has been "we are the media." Meaning, it's important for us to build up our own outlets than it is to complain about what big corporate outlets are doing. So with that in mind, #occupywallstreet posts will have a strong bias in favor of those lesser trafficked outlets providing real reporting and analysis. Links from Pravda, Izvestia et. al. will go towards the end unless they provide some truly unique, compelling and indispensable reporting.

I haven't found much from the scene so far this morning, but it appears Liberty Plaza is still occupied and the General Assembly is quietly going about its work. Huzzah! Here are some recent links. Read more about Occupy Wall Street, Day 10

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Occupy Wall Street, Saturday Evening

UPDATE An actual, sensible, and strategic "one demand":

"The central message is that in this country, there needs to be more conversation about wealth and power," said 23-year-old student Patrick Bruner (see here).

Who could be against that? And look what's being done to prevent it! Kudos.

UPDATE For Sunday morning, I'm stickying this, unless somebody else wants to start a new thread. See Yves here and the comments. From the Barcalounger and subject to correction by those on the ground: What I would say, re the arrests, is that if the story is now "police brutality" then we've lost control of the narrative of this event and should go on to another experiment. The real story, of course, should be the self-organizing capacities of the occupiers since, after all, isn't the real question at issue who gets to organize what and why? I'm sure the social capital accumulated in the course of Occupy Wall Street is huge, though of course that's not "the story" and never will be. Put that on the balance sheet, let go of the sunk costs, and move on. Bold, persistent experimentation. --lambert]

UPDATE 10:24PM EST Liberty Plaza lined with candles (via) --lambert

UPDATED at end with ride share info and new links

Looks like there is a huge police presence and lots of arrests.

IWW chair reportedly being held; request for help here.

Female protester getting maced: Read more about Occupy Wall Street, Saturday Evening

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Occupy Wall Street, Early Saturday

From Adbusters, #OCCUPYWALLSTREET This Saturday:

This Saturday at Noon, let's escalate #OCCUPYWALLSTREET into a nationwide peaceful demand for economic justice.

Their messaging seems just right to me. Read more about Occupy Wall Street, Early Saturday

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Routing around Big Internet

When the opposition to the radical Republican agenda in Wisconsin exploded over the winter, Russia Today highlighted a stark contrast in mainstream outlets: Attention and praise lavished on Arab Spring uprisings compared to an all-but-formally-declared news blackout in Madison. Read more about Routing around Big Internet

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