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A Credibility Problem?

President Obama's remarks to the Business Roundtable on Trade raise alarm bells for us all, and suggest that he is still pushing his pro- 1% agenda for all it is worth. Perhaps it would be better if Congress just treated him as a lame duck from here on in. Here are a number of statements from his talk and answers to questions, and my comments on them. Read below the fold...

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If 4.6 million in Federal exchanges lose premium subsidies due to Halbig, we will conform to GATS, NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP, TAFTA/TTIP+TiSA. Current subsidies and ACA rules probably don't. Coincidence?

The unseen hand of secretive trade policies and secretive free trade agreements strikes again, although of course, as always, for a reason that mentions them not. Read below the fold...

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Slovakia's legal battle to implement single payer VS. special corporate "rights" under "free trade agreement"- Read the documents

Recap: Slovaks were fed up with the ever rising cost of health insurance, so in 2006, they elected a government that ran on a platform promising to limit the profits of the insurers and transition to single payer. Read below the fold...

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Since our horrible US Media is blacking out all intelligent news of the anti-democratic Trade Pacts, get the scoop from a Canadian NGO's great pubs!

This post is to pass along these few URLs:

Policy Alternatives is a Canadian NGO that publishes a lot of stuff about the various FTA's that Canada has signed. Most of them the US has also signed so the issues discussed also apply to the US. But for some reason you will never ever find anything even remotely resembling an intelligent discussion about these FTAs in the US media.

So, thank you, PolicyAlternatives-

Here's how to get the best use out of their info- Read below the fold...

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My Cautionary Tale about Free Trade Agreements, Healthcare, Presidents, Parties and Lying. Is Everything We've Been Told, Wrong?


[Stickying this because it's important! --lambert]

I'm going to try to write a short piece about a really horrible disconnection that has occurred between the politicians who run the country and its people. The conflict of interest between free trade agreements and the special interests and politicians that enable them, and affordable healthcare. It threatens our country's future and democracy.

Over the last week in several comment threads I've pointed folks to the Nick Skala paper "The potential impact of the World Trade Organization's General Agreement on Trade in Services on health system reform and regulation in the United States" which I think explains a lot that needs to be known in the US about the goals and amoral value system of the so called "free trade agreements". Read below the fold...

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How the decline in CO2 emissions is like NAFTA

The quality of reporting on fracking in large outlets has been of varying quality. Day-to-day coverage of the latest developments is usually pretty good, but bigger picture trend pieces have a tendency to be positively fawning towards the industry. A couple of recent articles in the New York Times have been particularly bad, and one of them also foreshadowed an additional development.

The first was a credulous look at how great fracking is for the communities it occurs in. We are told how fat fracking checks are "swelling the bank accounts of some working-class families" in "amounts the recipients say are a bit disorienting." Even better: "More is probably on the way, potentially much more." So these struggling families have suddenly had their financial anxieties erased, their future incomes assured. I'm sure the ombudsman would say that the hazards of fracking were beyond the scope of the article, but wow does it read like a love letter.1 Read below the fold...

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