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Origin and Early History of Platinum Coin Seigniorage In the Blogosphere


This post records the history of platinum coin seigniorage in the blogosphere through the debt ceiling agreement on August 2, 2011. Read below the fold...

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Would Congress and the President Try to Cut Federal Spending If . . .?

This one is a message intended for all progressive organizations, especially those who have worked so hard to derail the drive for cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, or are working hard to protect other valuable discretionary programs.

There's another hostage-taking coming in the next three months over the 2012 Budget legislation. You know it! I know it! Everyone knows it!

So ask yourselves these questions:

1. Would Congress and the President be trying to cut Federal spending if the Treasury General Account (TGA) at the Fed had more than $50 Trillion in it?

Read below the fold...
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