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Jacob Hacker

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Bob Herbert: Maybe Next Time You'll Know What To Do About It


Bob Herbert, in his column on June 7th said:

There is no plan that I can see to get us out of this fix. Drastic cuts in government spending would only compound the crisis. State and local governments, for example, are shedding workers as we speak.

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Jacob Hacker: A Portrait of a Technocrat

(Stirling Newberry's excellent piece mentions ur merit class technocrat Hacker. Here is a more detailed rendering posted at the suggestion of Valley Girl. All errors of fact an interpretation are, of course, my responsibility.)

A Portrait of a Technocrat: Jacob Hacker

Whether "strong," "robust" or otherwise, the much discussed public option has now been mercifully dispatched to legislative oblivion. Read more about Jacob Hacker: A Portrait of a Technocrat

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Kip Sullivan- new post at PNHP blog-

This is part 1 of a six-part series that will IMO be a/the standard reference for the train wreck.

Yeah..... I know what's coming. *g*

Stay tuned to Kip's work at PNHP blog. Read more about Kip Sullivan- new post at PNHP blog-

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