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free trade

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Elizabeth Warren: Better, But Not there Yet

In her recent post-election piece “It's Time to Work on America's Agenda” Elizabeth Warren points out that the changes in Washington and in various States aren't changing the fact that

The stock market and gross domestic product keep going up, while families are getting squeezed hard by an economy that isn’t working for them.

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TISA's Global War on Public Services: The Trade in Services Agreement and the Corporate Agenda

A report just came out yesterday that should be read by anybody who doubts that the US and the EU are waging a global war on all that is good about governments, and public services - overturning democracy. The teaser for the article and a link to the report PDF are below. There is also a press release: Read below the fold...

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How the status quo can kill: the example of free trade


[Welcome, Naked Capitalist readers! And Merry Christmas, Yves! -- lambert] Read below the fold...

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The bailout as epiphenomenon; or, how globalization kicked my puppy

So I was planning to write a long, witty song-and-dance about a theme to which I've occasionally alluded lately: the importance of globalization in this bailout crisis. But then I decided I'd spare the words and write it out as a few easy and very approximate steps.

1. American wages rise with unionization. Capital is captive and cannot go on strike, must actually innovate. Read below the fold...

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