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Federal Government

The Myth That Big Government Is Big

In 1966, the budget for the federal government was 134.5 billion dollars ($656.1 billion in chained 2005 dollars). In 2011 (the most recent year where annual information is available), the federal budget was $3.603 trillion ($3.1786 in chained in 2005 dollars) or 4.8 times what it was in 1966 in real terms.

Similarly, GDP in 1966 was $787.1 billion ($3.8421 trillion in chained 2005 dollars) and $15.0757 trillion in 2011 ($13.2991 trillion in chained 2005 dollars) or some 3.5 times the 1966 GDP in real terms. Read below the fold...

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Why Do Social Security Offices Need Hollow Point Bullets?

The Social Security Administration is requesting bids for supplying 174,000 rounds of hollow-points. Earlier this summer, NOAA ordered 46,000, and DHS asked for 450 million rounds. Read below the fold...

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Ezra Looks Over There At the Debt-to-GDP Ratio

Ezra Klein did a piece yesterday offering the conventional deficit dove position on deficits and debt. Here's a commentary on it.

Gallup's survey of voter preferences for closing the entitlement gap is incomplete It suggests the options on entitlements are like a second-grade arithmetic problem: You can either add stuff (tax increases) or subtract stuff (benefit cuts). What's missing is the option you learn about in high school: growth.

Read below the fold...
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Give The People What They'll Like, Already: Not “Stupid Hooverism”


For the Democrats in Congress, winning in November isn't rocket science; it's about having the will to pursue survival ruthlessly. The key to winning is giving the American people what they'll like, and not allowing any of the normal Washington obstacles to stand in the way. But, for Dems to act that way depends on them changing both their beliefs and their behavior. Let's start with the beliefs. Read below the fold...

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