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Who owns the future? Jaron Lanier on KCRW's This...Is Interesting

"You know, if it’s all a volunteer economy of people sharing files, you’ll have these giant spy services that become superpowerful from watching what people are doing and then being able to manipulate them. But the better idea is for people to be able to pay each other when they get good at designing these things because then you can still have a middle class even though the machines have gotten really good."

Inspired by ponderings on Lambert's fundraiser and my mystification at all things dismal science, I'm going back to a podcast I heard last year. Things aren't working, the middle class is dying, and internet pioneer and free thinker Jaron Lanier looks back forensically -- "we did screw something up" -- and forward with Captain Kirk optimism. This is interesting. Podcast at KCRW, and my transcript below the fold. Read below the fold...

Facebook charges you to talk to more than 15% of your "friends".


This might be old news to you, but not to me. In a conversation with Davey D today, really on the new FCC rulings being promulgated, he noted in passing that Facebook is now charging you for the privilage of talking to all your “fans” and “friends.” I spent a few minutes online right after the conversation, and confirmed it. According to Facebook's own advertising department, on the average, about 15% of the folks you imagine are getting your stuff are getting it. The other 80 or 85%..... not. That's one in five if you're lucky, one in seven if you're not. Read below the fold...

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Facebook to New Yorker: No Can Haz (Girl) Nipples!

Someone at Facebook temporarily banned New Yorker magazine for violating the "Nudity and Sex" standards. The problem: a cartoon that used two dots to represent female nipples.

The scandalous pencil dots are the subject of a follow-up blog post -- "Nipplegate" -- from the cartoon editor, a not-to-be missed gem. Read below the fold...

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Facebook for the 99 Percent

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Tweet of the Day

Tags: Read below the fold...

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Nice Knowing You: British Authorities May Censor Social Media

In an attempt to prevent protestors from communicating with one another, British politicians are looking at censoring BlackBerry, Twitter and Facebook.

The question, according to Prime Minister David Cameron, is whether government has the right to "stop people using social media to 'plot' further disorder."

Meanwhile, the police aren't waiting for Parliament to sort it out: Read below the fold...

You Should Not Write on US Currency, But If You Do ….


Defacing US currency is illegal.

Nevertheless, an organization called HUG PAC (a/k/a "Hippies United Globally P.A.C.") wants to register their outrage over the inappropriate corporate US tax policies with a $1 Bill Protest. They are advocating that fed-up citizens write along the edge of their dollar bills the following:

"This is $1 more than GE, Exxon or Bank of America paid in taxes in 2010".

They also suggest you might add the word RECALL and then plug in the name of a betraying representative or two. Then let that dollar and its message circulate.

They go on: Read below the fold...

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Sauron's Works


Tool of rebellion: tool of repression?

If you have to ask..... Read below the fold...

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Facebook puts even more of your life out there (get over it)

No Associated Press content was harmed in the writing of this post

Read below the fold...

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Goldman's Facebook Stock Offering: No US Investors Allowed

GS, which was bailed out by US taxpayers not that long ago, has decided to allow only foreign investors to buy shares of Facebook.

The reason for excluding domestic buyers? "The intense media spotlight left the deal in danger of violating U.S. securities laws," says The Wall Street Journal. And we all know how carefully Goldman Sacks toes the line when it comes to securities laws! Read below the fold...

Social networking sites being used to determine if someone's a good credit risk

You'd better have good credit "Myspace Tom!"

In their quest to identify creditworthy customers, some are tapping into the information you and your friends reveal in the virtual stratosphere.

[...]According to Nielsen Online, 67 percent of the global online population uses Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or a similar social media network to stay in touch with friends, grow their business or just have fun. If you’re among them and your settings are turned to “public,” who you’re talking to and what you’re discussing is available to those wanting to sell their wares — and that includes banks and other credit issuers.

Read below the fold...
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Nope, keep the change, civil liberties edition

Twitter Tapping

The government is increasingly monitoring Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites for tax delinquents, copyright infringers and political protesters. A public interest group has filed a lawsuit to learn more about this monitoring, in the hope of starting a national discussion and modifying privacy laws as necessary for the online era. ...

... In October, the F.B.I. searched the New York home of a man suspected of helping coordinate protests at the Group of 20 meeting in Pittsburgh by sending out messages over Twitter.

Read below the fold...
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