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Evan Bayh

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Evan Bayh Audio on Bloomberg Surveillance: "The President's been reelected, he can stand up to his base a little more." [and more pronouncements on 'the Fiscal Cliff']

Here's an audio clip with a transcript of the most salient points from the Bloomberg TV program, Surveillance,with Host Tom Keene, that describes what the "framework" of a Grand Bargain (struck in the Lame Duck Session) will look like.

The "interviewee" is former Indiana Senator, Evan Bayh. He is one of the founders of the "centrist" organization "No Labels."

Please see the transcript below, for the most salient points. Read below the fold...

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Bayh will have a credible Republican challenger

Dumezich Pondering Senate Run, Cites Bayh’s ‘Conflict’

NASHVILLE, Ind. - Former state representative Dan Dumezich told Howey Politics Indiana early this afternoon that he is indeed considering a Senate challenge to U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh and said the incumbent has a “fundamental misunderstanding of what the word ‘conflict’ means.”Dumezich

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Evan Bayh


UPDATE Jill Long Thompson to run against Evan Bayh in the primary?!?

Last month, the unhappy unions tried to oust Dan Parker as state chairman of the Indiana Dems, a move seen by many as a shot across the bow against Evan Bayh (the figurehead who keeps giving his blessing to Parker). Those same unhappy unions were some of JLT’s biggest supporters last year, when the Parker-led state party couldn’t care less about her. We think this has legs, but we’ll remain skeptical (and hopeful) until something more concrete materializes.

Edit - It does not look like she would be a credible candidate.
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Evan Bayh Wants Blue Dogs in the Senate

Sen. Evan Bayh is working to create a Blue Dog coalition in the Senate and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid --quelle surprise!-- is "upbeat" about the idea.

Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) is trying to mobilize moderate Democratic Senators to form a group based loosely on the House Blue Dog Coalition.

“I think we have a wonderful opportunity to break the gridlock that has existed in Washington for too long,” Bayh said in an interview. “We need to do that in practical ways that will solve problems. The place that will be most important in striking that right balance will be in the Senate.”

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