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Looking for Green shoots on election day

So I went to my polling place and voted for Eugene Puryear and some other DC Statehood/Green Party candidates. There is a real possibility that he could win.

Should Muriel Bowser win, that would create a vacancy on council for the fourth ward seat. Green Party member Renee Bowser will probably run again. So there is a real possibility that DC could have two Green Party members on council. Read below the fold...

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West Virginia Mountain Party

The catastrophe in Charlestown, West Virginia made me wonder if West Virginia has a Green Party, Not exactly. They have the Mountain Party. Well known talk show host Ed Rabel has announced his candidacy for the 2nd congressional district, which includes Charlestown, radio announcement here.

Readers, are any of you from West Virginia? What do you think? Read below the fold...

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Grassroots Basics: Fundraising for emergent parties

This is part of an occasional series, Grassroots basics for emergent parties.

I hesitate to write about this because I have not done any fundraising myself. However, you cannot hope to have a political movement without funds. As a wise politician once said, if they only thing wrong with your campaign is lack of funds, there is something more wrong with your campaign than lack of funds. Read below the fold...

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Grassroots Basics: Petitions, and what to do, now that petition season is beginning

This is part of an occasional series, Grassroots basics for emergent parties.

DC candidates for the Democratic primary in April have already turned in their petitions; but for most candidates petition season is just beginning. As someone who has collected signatures for many candidates, I thought that I would share what I have learned about collecting signatures.

Before you collect signatures you must familiarize yourself with the law in your jurisdiction. Petitions are a never ending struggle for emergent parties as the bar is so frequently set higher for emergent parties. In an ideal world the local committee will appoint a petition coordinator, ideally this person would be a former candidate or at least someone who has experience in collecting signatures. There should be a training session where everyone is briefed on the laws in that jurisdiction. Read below the fold...

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Are emergent parties ready for their opportunity?

Most Americans say this Congress is worst in their lifetime, CNN poll says

This disdain for Congress "exists among all demographic and political subgroups. Men, women, rich, poor, young, old - all think this year's Congress has been the worst they can remember," CNN Polling Director Keating Holland told the network.

Read below the fold...
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Grassroots Basics: The voter registration list and why it is essential

This is part of an occasional series, Grassroots basics for emergent parties.

The voter registration list is the basic tool of grassroots politics. Running a political organization without a voter registration list is like running a business without a computer. It is basic, you need it. Most of the time these files are controlled by state parties and candidates. In my judgment the local party needs control of its voter list. These records are essential for local party organization. Read below the fold...

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Grassroots Basics: Why you should look through the precinct returns

This is part of an occasional series, Grassroots basics for emergent parties.

If I were active in the DC Statehood/Green Party I would be coming through the precinct returns of the last city council elections and see where candidates did the best. Then I would be working like a fiend to recruit candidates for the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions. This is the smallest political unit in DC. ANC are the smallest political unit in DC, turnout is very low, almost micro. They are the sort of elections you can win with a good personal network, and if I were chair of DC Statehood/Green I would put all my energy into gaining control of as many ANCs as I could. For all I know, that is what they are doing. Read below the fold...

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Arlington County election Returns

Looking at the local races in Arlington County, Virginia

Jay Fisette (Democrat) 66.3%
Audrey Clement (Green) 31.14%

The Green Party managed to put a referendum on the ballot to establish a Redevelopment and Housing Authority, it was defeated.
Yes 29.84%
No 70.16%

The Arlington County Greens have established themselves as a major party. When you cross the 30% threshold, you are no longer a minor party. That is why I insist in the expression emergent party rather than third party. Once you describe yourself as emergent party you take away your excuse to lose and you start to think of yourself as a potential governing party. Read below the fold...

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Elections 2013, emergent party watch

The Green Party sent out their press release of candidates who are doing well. It seems half of their California candidates are running unopposed. Take a look, it is very encouraging.

The Independent Party of Connecticut has competitive candidates running in Waterbury and Watertown.

There is a Socialist Alternative candidate running in Seattle.

What is happening in your jurisdiction, any races we should look for? Read below the fold...

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Grassroots Basics: Training for local emergent party committees

danps' post got me to thinking about training for emergent parties.

More Americans than ever are open to emergent party candidates. But unless they are organized, emergent parties cannot take advantage of the current atmosphere. In defense of Jill Stein, she got more publicity than all the other 2012 emergent party candidates combined. She also ran her campaign in areas where the Green Party had candidates running, unlike Nader, she ran her campaign in such a way as to reinforce Green Party local efforts. After the campaign there were two training camps. So the Green Party has done some training. But clearly more training is needed.

So, I am offering my services to any left of center emergent party. I am an experienced activist, with years of precinct operations and GOTV work for the Democratic party until I gave up on them. I can teach your committee: Read below the fold...

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2013 elections

New Jersey and Virginia are electing governor's this year, along with the state legislature. I think Kentucky is also electing their state legislature (anyone from Kentucky?) New York and Connecticut are having municipal elections this year as are many other states.

So, this is my time to appeal to readers to search out the emergent party candidates (that is, not Democrats, not Republicans, but other parties). It is incredibly important that we have as many votes as possible for emergent party candidates, as this will lay the ground work for emergent party victories in 2014. Read below the fold...

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Emergent parties make major gains down under

Minor parties are the big election story

The big story of the night was the impact of minor parties, led by the Palmer United Party claiming 5.67 per cent of the national primary vote and a double digit primary figure in Queensland.

Read below the fold...
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