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economic justice

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Is Gingrich taking Bain off the table for Romney?

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"We are not fighting to tinker with reforming a system that needs to be replaced"


Arundhati Roy spoke this week in New York and her remarks are in The Guardian. "We are All Occupiers".

In case you don't think OWS is effective listen to Roy:

Few of us dreamed that we would see you, the people of the United States on our side, trying to do this in the heart of Empire. I don't know how to communicate the enormity of what this means.

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Race and standing in the Occupy movement

One of the themes that has developed during the Occupy movement has been the involvement (or lack thereof) of people of color. Chris Hedges described the suspicion among some in the minority community this way:
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Want to smile? Feel a little hope?

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Et Tu Bernie?

Bernie Sanders appeared on Dylan Ratigan's show yesterday talking about Elizabeth Warren's appointment. Towards the end of his interview, he said a few words about his opposition to extending the Bush Tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans. His proposal was to end the tax breaks the high income people, take the $700 Billion freed up, spend $350 Billion on sorely needed infrastructure projects, creating millions of jobs over a 10 year period and taking the other $350 million in savings and applying it to deficit reduction. Read more about Et Tu Bernie?

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