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Bernie Sanders plan to create worker cooperatives

It is no longer on his campaign website, but through the magic of the wayback machine,. we can publish Bernie Sanders' plan to create worker cooperatives Read more about Bernie Sanders plan to create worker cooperatives

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Richard Wolff book salon Sunday on FDL - have your questions ready

I spy coming up this Sunday at 2pm PST on an FDL Book Salon, Richard Wolff is taking questions on his book Democracy At Work: Cure for Capitalism. The salon will be hosted by David Cay Johnston. Wolff was Bill Moyers' guest on Moyers & Company in February and did a follow-up appearance in March to answer questions sent in by the audience. Very popular. But room for more clarity. In February, Yves Smith wondered why Wolff didn't talk about unions and noted his skepticism to regulation, and in March -- my introduction to Wolff -- I was frustrated when the audience's concrete questions got airy answers. Say what? Do what? But I am generally clueless, so I look forward to others with better understanding asking questions on Sunday. Read more about Richard Wolff book salon Sunday on FDL - have your questions ready

Unremarked like seeds undergound in winter

Gar Alperovitz, Keane Bhatt on co-ops:

Social pain, anger at ecological degradation and the inability of traditional politics to address deep economic failings has fueled an extraordinary amount of practical on-the-ground institutional experimentation and innovation by activists, economists and socially minded business leaders in communities around the country.

Worker Co-operatives

Grassroots Economic Organizing has published a very interesting interview with John Curl, author of For All the People, published by PM Press. Worthwhile reading ... it covers a lot of ground and draws parallels between the events leading up to the foundation of the Populist Party in the late 19th century and the events that we will be facing in the decades to come. Read more about Worker Co-operatives


This is truly something to ponder....sounds like a wonderful read. Read more about "statelessness"

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Work place democracy study?

I'm trying to remember the title of a book I read entailed a study of a machine tool company that implemented work place democracy (in a limited way) during the 1960s, as part of a program to introduce computer numerical controlled machinery. Ring any bells? Read more about Work place democracy study?

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