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Category Error

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Digby: Obama's decision to put Medicare in play is "inexplicable"

Apparently, we're supposed to worry that Obama's "inexplicable decision to offer up Medicare in the proposed Grand Bargain" will be used "against him" by the party that "retired the concept of hypocrisy*."

It certainly is a puzzle why he did that!

In closing, Digby cites the ol' "definition of insanity" meme.

How rational is it, one might wonder, to repeat one's vote for the fellow who put Medicare (and Social Security) on the chopping block?

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How Obama Sold Us Out, Chapter 1

Cross-posted from Orange Satan land - no reaction yet. Interested in comments from those who no longer frequent Kos.

I am not going to write about the debt ceiling deal today. The debt ceiling deal is bad, but I am going to think about the debt ceiling deal for a little while and maybe I will write about it later. Today I am going to write about things that happened in the first half of 2009 that helped set the stage for the debt ceiling deal. Read below the fold...

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File this under "F," for facts not in evidence:

I have no doubt that Barack Obama wants to do right by the country... Read below the fold...
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NYT makes a category error

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Krugman: 0 day(s) without a category error

If one admitted that Obama is a conservative, one wouldn't keep writing such shallow-end fiction:
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Bernie Sanders makes a category error

Bulk e-mail from Bernie starts with "Don't yield, Mr. President...."

If Bernie F-ing Sanders won't admit that Obama is a conservative, rather than a progressive who just needs to remain steadfast, it's just one more measure of how fictive our national politics is.

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Department of Facts Not in Evidence

Per Peter Clarke, Obama "is self-evidently liberal in his political convictions." Read below the fold...

Category error from Digby

Here, quoting TNR's John Judis:

Republicans have advanced the deficit as the reason for the problems in economy and jobs. ... Obama has, sadly, bought the Republican argument for why the economy is in trouble.

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More Obama denialism

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Robt Reich continues his category error. Update: Also, Paul Krugman

In yesterday's article, Reich gives us this opinion of Obama's actions.

The president continues to legitimize the Republican claim that too much government spending caused the economy to tank, and that by cutting back spending we'll get the economy going again.

Wrong! The president believes that too much government spending... Read below the fold...

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If only the czar had a backbone!

Steve Cohen:

"Time for the President to Demonstrate the Courage of His Convictions"

Say it with me, "What convictions?"

President Obama overplayed his hand and did not respond effectively to both legitimate and unwarranted attacks on his policies and his leadership.

Presumably this means that Obama was too aggressive with his well-intentioned presidentin'.
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The perfect marriage

Legacy party enablers often make the same classic mistake about the Ds that Lord Escahton does here. On the decision by the NPR board to fire its CEO, Vivian Schiller, after a James O'Keefe attack video appeared:

One Thing I've Learned
Is that it really isn't worth expending any effort to defend people and organizations who won't defend themselves. I've walked out on that branch a few times only to have it chopped off.

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Krugman: 0 day(s) without a category error

"The President Is A Lousy Negotiator."

Still going every which way but admitting that Obama is not a lousy negotiator with inexplicable framing choices. Not admitting that he is, instead, the good cop for rightwing policies.

Still limning the edge of the shallow end of support for the Democrats, never getting out of the pool. Read below the fold...


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