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Carolyn Maloney

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What Are We Going to Do in 2010 and 2012 (Part Four)?

It's that time again, people. As the summer bogs down in a swamp of heat, humidity and semi-amusing wingnut insanity, let us turn our minds to cooler times in the future, to the month of September, when (dreamy sigh) the aspens will be turning, and election season will be upon us. Read below the fold...

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Report from the Field: We are Not Alone

Yesterday I, two bloggers from Correntewire (Gmanedit and LibbyLiberal) and a woman who had heard about the protest from the PNHP meeting Libby and I had attended, stood on a chilly street in New York City and talked about half-healthcare for women, the deficiencies of the Health Whatever Bill, and the superiority of single-payer (universal) health care. Read below the fold...

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The Hits Just Keep Coming

An Image from The Handmaid's Tale

On the one hand, the President has just signed an Executive Order extending and legalizing the illegal Hyde Amendment (and "segregating" evil abortion funding from pure Christian-like funding); on the other hand, it's Obama's FDA, refusing to follow the federal judge's orders to allow the emergency contraception pill to be sold over the counter without a prescription. Read below the fold...

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NY Senate seat and single payer

I don't live in NY, so am reluctant to weigh in on the Senate seat, but one of the people interested in the seat, Carolyn Maloney is a cosponsor of HR 676, Medicare for All.

If, and only if, you live in NY, you might contact Gov. Patterson and tell him that you would like a supporter of single payer as your next Senator. Read below the fold...

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