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"A historic accomplishment"

This afternoon's headlines in Yahoo! News:

So this is how it's being played. No unexpected*, but still... I have no words.

* Someone, please remind me who, commented that Obama WANTS people on the left to be angry, because it shows how much he is resisting the DFH contingent in his own party. This is not that, but related, I think. So not unexpected. Read more about "A historic accomplishment"

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Comment of the day


Commenter Jackrabbit on Matt Stoller's piece at Yves' place about the problematic process of crafting Dodd-Frank*:

Yes, it is interesting and instructive that the Obama Administration found the courage to fight for Bernanke (“Subprime is contained”) vs. the lack of interest to fight for Warren.

We’re not suppose to make these connections. It’s “settled business” as some dimwit recently commented the other day when castigating Yves because she wouldn’t STFU about Warren.

Yup. Read more about Comment of the day

Obama to tour Miami school with Jeb Bush on Friday

No, it's not the Onion, it's real.

WASHINGTON | Tue Mar 1, 2011 2:45pm EST

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will tour a Florida school with former Governor Jeb Bush on Friday, the White House said, teaming up with a Republican Party heavyweight to promote bipartisan education reform.

White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters on Tuesday that Bush, whose brother George W. Bush preceded Obama as president, had suggested Miami Central High School as a good showcase for policies that work in improving performance in education.

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Quote of the day: and a useful answer to most of the head-scratching questions about this administration


Oh, yeah, because this government exists to do unpopular things Republicans want to do while allowing Republicans to vote against them [...]

I've been saying this for awhile, so I'm glad to see I'm in such good company. Read more about Quote of the day: and a useful answer to most of the head-scratching questions about this administration

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...that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know

The definitive summation of our current dilemma, by Avedon:

The right-wing wrote too much of health insurance bill, but instead of talking about that, we're supposed to talk about why they should vote for it since it's so full of their own crap.

And if AP issues one more item about how partisanship is what's wrong with this country, my exploded head may have to explode again... Read more about ...that is all / Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know

Obama and the Democrats don't have a bipartisan fetish


That's the title of a recent OpenLeft comment from The Big Hurt. Continuing:

they don't care about bipartisanship

they just use it as a front for their corporate sellouts

What else is there to say? Read more about Obama and the Democrats don't have a bipartisan fetish

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The World Has Changed

At least that's my sense. That in some fundamental way, during the past year the world - at least our world, by which I mean the United States - has changed. It's not so much that the United States changed overnight. It did not. It crept up on us, as each year corporate influence increased, our industrial base declined, our authoritarian tendencies grew. In the last year, the extent of the damage has been revealed, snapping into focus. Showing those of us who would look that the world has changed. Read more about The World Has Changed

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On The Lack of Liberal Strength

A couple of days ago, Anne posted a comment that included this:

Obama’s infected people with the belief that they cannot act with strength, cannot use the power of the majority, must signal compromise and must concede at the first sign of conflict. I cannot tell you how annoyed I am to see people who used to be considered serious champions of liberal (a much better word, thank you) causes allowing Obama’s inability to lead, and his aversion to conflict, to soften and muddle and weaken their positions and their resolve; actually, it’s way more than annoying – it’s galling.

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