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Bill Van Auken

RFK’s son, hasbarist chair of the Trustees at the University of Illinois, on firing Salaita over tweets

Christopher Kennedy is the son of Robert F. Kennedy, assassinated senator and Democratic presidential candidate. Christopher Kennedy is chairman of the University of Illinois’ Board of Trustees, politically appointed by Illinois Democratic Governor Pat Quinn. Kennedy has also acted as a fundraiser for Barack Obama and other Democratic candidates. Read below the fold...

Escalating Violent Militarism for Oppression-Ferguson & Gaza

This is the definition of a war of terror. It requires the aggressor to engage in constant and ever escalating displays of disciplined force – which is what militaries do. Glen Ford

Read below the fold...

US Violence & Iraq-Faux-Rescue Redux

So two and a half years ago Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, US puppet, got a little too uppity and refused to make a SOFA (Status of Forces) Agreement with the US so the US could leave 10,000 troops indefinitely deployed in Iraq at “strategic bases”.

Bill Van Auken in “Washington escalates intervention in region-wide Middle East war” writes; Read below the fold...

RE-POST: Obama Pretends to Care About Military Suicides

Re-POST from July 14, 2011, my sentiments re-inspired by Obama's Ft. Hood memorial disingenuousness this week:

Empathy-challenged (war criminal) Obama is pretending he cares about military suicides.

I waited a few days to write this to see if my intensely bitter reaction to Obama's last week’s press conference would subside. It has not. In fact reading about the pride some progressives feel about Obama’s shamelessly hypocritical grandstanding sickens me even further. Read below the fold...

Tsarnaev Brothers -- This Decade’s Lee Harvey Oswalds?

The two Boston bombings of April 15th killed 3 people and wounded over 170. The two suspects are 19-year od Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s and his deceased older brother Tamerlan, who died after a shootout with the police.

Bill Van Auken of wsws: Read below the fold...

U.S. Slouching to Dictatorship

No one is safe from assassination by the American President, including American citizens -- ANYWHERE on the globe.

The American President and his small cabal of operatives are immune from any oversight and accountability of said assassinations.

Thus sayeth the American President and his small cabal of lawyers of the Department of Justice and their “secret memos” paralleling the memos of the last American President’s assumption of the executive right to detain and torture ANYONE at will. Read below the fold...

‘War on Terror’ Fig Leaf Now Being Used to Destroy Africa


Bill Van Auken of wsws writes:

The escalating war in Africa is neither about terror nor Al Qaeda. Time magazine succinctly outlined the real motives in Mali: “The dangers expand elsewhere, with huge oil reserves attracting Western companies to set up production across the vast Sahel. South of Algeria and Mali sits Niger, a dirt-poor desert country with the world’s fourth largest output of uranium, which supplies France’s crucial network of nuclear-power stations. East of Algeria is Libya, where a number of Western companies exploit some of Africa’s biggest oil reserves.”

This from Seamus Milne:

You'd think the war on terror had been a huge success, the way the western powers keep at it, Groundhog Day-style. In reality, it has been a disastrous failure, even in its own terms – which is why the Obama administration felt it had to change its name to "overseas contingency operations", until US defence secretary Leon Panetta revived the old title this week.

Instead of fighting terror, it has fuelled it everywhere it's been unleashed: from Afghanistan to Pakistan, from Iraq to Yemen, spreading it from Osama bin Laden's Afghan lairs eastwards to central Asia and westwards to North Africa – as US, British and other western forces have invaded, bombed, tortured and kidnapped their way across the Arab and Muslim world for over a decade.

So a violent jihadist movement that grew out of western intervention, occupation and support for dictatorship was countered with more of the same. And the law of unintended consequences has meanwhile been played out in spectacular fashion: from the original incubation of al-Qaida in the mujahideen war against the Soviet Union, to the spread of terror from western-occupied Afghanistan to Pakistan, to the strategic boost to Iran delivered by the US-British invasion of Iraq.

Once again there will be thousands and thousands of innocent human beings killed or their lives permanently shattered by the ruthless U.S. and its craven fellow bullying country cronies diabolically using the “War on Terror” as the “fig leaf” excuse to ramp up further violent corporate-driven profiteering imperialist invasions. Thousands and thousands of people in other countries will die along with our own betrayed troops being used as cannon fodder for corporate profits. Read below the fold...

Superficial, Hypocritical and Insolent Obama at UN

So on Tuesday morning Obama shoveled forth his hollow “we are the mighty righteous ones” rhetoric once again while threatening another war -- a major war -- with Iran.

Granted, this is not big news to anyone, considering the massive deaths and displacements, past and ongoing, from the violence perpetrated by the US/NATO/Israel in the Middle East. Also considering the sustained US corporate media drumbeats and an awesomely bipartisan for Israel codependent Congress having been railing for war with Iran for a good long time now.

This time Obama’s lame, high-flying rhetoric righteously justifying the craven war-mongering -- with jingoistic flourishes for those of us in the cheap seats -- was made while addressing the opening session of the General Assembly of the UN. Read below the fold...

The Scope & Intensity of Anti-Americanism

Protests at US embassies are occurring throughout the Middle East and beyond. Four days thus far and counting.

Over a dozen deaths and hundreds of injuries.

The triggering catalyst was an ugly anti-Islamic video posted on YouTube but Bill Van Auken of wsws explains something even the most obtuse American should know by now, “underlying them [the upheavals] is deep-seated anger over the wars and oppression inflicted by American imperialism over the decades.” Read below the fold...

75% of Global Arms Sales from US -- Super-Merchant-of-Death

The exact percentage for the United States, 2011 leader in global arms sales, is 77.7%.

The runner-up global arms seller is Russia with a comparatively meager 5.6%.

In 2010 our weapons sales were valued at $21.4 billion.

In 2011 our weapons sales are valued at $66.3.

In one year, the weapons sales by the US have TRIPLED!!!!


The above statistics are from an article by Bill Van Auken of wsws. The statistics were released last week having been compiled by the Congressional Research Service (CRS).

Van Auken writes: Read below the fold...

Keller War-Mongers On in Faux-Stock-Taking of NYT/Iraq War

Bill Van Auken of wsws has a NON-shallow take on Bill Keller’s recent disappointingly shallow column on the New York Time’s role in the launch of the Iraq War:

On the ninth anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, New York Times columnist and former editor Bill Keller has penned a self-serving piece that obscures his own role in justifying that war, while setting ground rules for launching the next one.

Keller’s headline—“Falling in and out of war”—is an accurate reflection of the smug and cynical character of the well-heeled layer of establishment liberals of which he is a part, and which today constitutes a principal constituency for imperialism.

Read below the fold...

Obama as Heartless, Overachieving Militarist

RE-POST from 7-14-2011

The audacity of shamelessness. Empathy-challenged (war criminal) Obama is pretending he cares about military suicides.

I waited a few days to write this to see if my intensely bitter reaction to Obama's last week’s press conference would subside. It has not. In fact reading about the pride some progressives feel about Obama’s shamelessly hypocritical grandstanding sickens me even further.

One of the reasons slot machines in Vegas have so much power to keep you engaged is that just when you’re ready to surrender to the reality of your no-win misery a few coins drop down the slot and you unwisely stay engaged rather than cut your losses and leave. Read below the fold...

10 Questions Re the West’s Nuclear-Winterization of the Arab Spring

Clearly the Syrians are going through unimaginable hells with the merciless oppression of their leadership. According to Nadin Abbott:

The Syrian unrest started in March 2011, on the heels of the successful Arab Spring In Tunis and Egypt. As Syrians took to the streets to demand that President Bashar Al Assad step down, the regime quickly clamped down. The Syrian government used armed personnel and snipers against peaceful demonstrators. Many people were kidnapped and taken by the security forces, after which they were tortured and in many cases killed.

snip Read below the fold...

How To Turn Off The Burner Boiling Up War With Iran?

Tonight on the NewsHour I watched Dennis Ross (former administration Mideast adviser) with a straight-face assert that we very well may be “sliding into war with Iran” -- actually, being FORCED into such a scenario -- because of Iran’s threat of nuclear enrichment.

Only let’s bottom-line it. “Iran’s NON-EXISTENT bomb” is the non-justification justification for a strike against Iran that would set off a deadly conflagration of God knows what intended and unintended U.S. and Israel imperialistic profits-over-who-gives-a-shit-how-many-dead-or-maimed-or-displaced-people consequences!

Non-existent weapon of mass destruction? Has a familiar ring to it, nes pa? Read below the fold...

‘Amerika’s Decaying Facade of Democracy’

Land of the free.

It sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Just don’t try to exercise said freedom. That can come with serious helpings of intimidation and punishment. Pepper spraying, clubbing, incarceration.

Actually, thanks to our United States Senate this week -- with a stunning bipartisan vote of 93 to 7 -- you now can get efficiently and LEGALLY “disappeared” for exercising your HERETOFORE constitutional freedoms. Free speech. Assembly, etc.

Meanwhile, the REAL terrorists continue to get plenty of mileage out of the faux-War on Terror. It comes in handy for removing the rights and securities of any citizenry, even ours. Read below the fold...


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