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Andy Worthington

Obama Steps Up Cruelty to Gitmo Hunger-Strikers

From the moment Obama became a presidential candidate in 2007, he campaigned vigorously against Guantánamo as a pillar of the flawed and failed Bush-Cheney war policy. He won the election and signed that executive order in his third day on the job, and then – once it became clear that House Republicans would be delighted to use the issue to depict him as a crypto-Muslim, terrorist-coddling pantywaist – let the whole thing drop.

To Torture or Not to Torture? WTF???

Why is this question even being honored in America?  

Apparently it will be posed seductively soon in a theater near you.  

Torture is wrong.  It is evil.

I offer:

“Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

The Golden Rule.

The Geneva Conventions.

Basic human decency.

A while back when I read Jacob Weisberg’s book, The Bush Tragedy, I learned that the main ego-armature for George W. Bush during his Yale University years was his participation in the fraternity culture. 

After 10 Yrs of Gitmo Injustice, US Detainees Arriving When?

First a bit of positive news from Andy Worthington, Brit investigative journalist and champion of due process for the Gitmo detainees and author of The Guantanamo Files. (Worthington was a featured speaker in a World Can’t Wait forum on Sunday in NYC.) If former President George W. Bush travels outside the borders of the United States to a foreign country, upon his arrival there is a good chance he immediately will be arrested for war crimes, particularly the perpetration of TORTURE! This is why George Bush canceled a recent trip to Switzerland. Read more about After 10 Yrs of Gitmo Injustice, US Detainees Arriving When?

Barbara Quintiliano and Andy Worthington on Gitmo: "The Citadel of Shame"

Obama promised to close Gitmo within his first year. He even signed an Executive Order. Revelations from Barbara Quintiliano and Andy Worthington say it all so well, repellant as these Gitmo circumstances are: "We" are so on the wrong side of history:

Guantánamo mon amour
By Barbara Quintiliano

Remember the old adage about the best laid plans of mice and men? Or the one about the road to a certain fiery destination being paved with good intentions? Well, here is a stunning example furnished by our country's recent history:

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