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accounting control fraud

Day 3 of the "Why Won't #Krugman Post On Bill Black?" Watch

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Euphemism of the day


Regulators conducting the stress tests are increasingly focusing on the quality of loans banks made after finding wide variations in underwriting standards, a regulatory official said on April 20. They concluded that banks’ lending practices need to be given as much weight as macroeconomic scenarios in determining the health of each bank, the person said.

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OK, now I feel bad

The Shrill One's absence from the fray was "partly medical."

I will therefore suspend Day #__ Of The "Why Won't Krugman Post on Bill Black" Watch -- temporarily. Read below the fold...

Day 2 of the "Why Won't #Krugman Post On Bill Black?" Watch

From Krugman's home page at the Times:


Just sayin.

Hey, I'd settle for a Pecora commission endorsement! Read below the fold...

So where's the #Krugman column on Bill Black and accounting control fraud at the banks?

The story is "out there" (I'll get to the newest Barron's shortly), and so far, Krugman's been silent. Neither agreement, nor debunking.

It's definitely night time for the economy, so why isn't the dog barking? Curious! Read below the fold...

S&L scandal's William Black on Bill Moyers: Tim Geithner "covering up" massive fraud by bailed out banksters

(For William Black, see Corrente on 2009-02-17; he's the S&L enforcer who took down Charles Keating, back in the day when we had a regulatory structure). Here's the Bill Moyer's transcript; trying to excerpt from it is like trying to excerpt a nuclear explosion, so read it all: Read below the fold...

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