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the Democratic Party

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Is HVPCS Too Radical For The Democratic Party?? What About The Left?

I've been following with great interest the debate here over High Value Platinum Coin Seignoirage (HVPCS), as well as Letsgetitdone's fantastic and tireless effort to promote HVPCS as an alternative to Democratic/Republican austerity. Heck, I've even done a blog post or two over at my blog on the issue. My question is not on the legitimacy of HVPCS or the process, but in the way it is being sold and the potential audience to sell it.

It appears to me from reading LGID's essays that he seems to believe that the Democrats and/or President Obama can be pressured to accept and enact HVPCS in the event of an economic or political crisis, in spite of the principled conservative positions of the Treasury Department and Obama's own history as a Third Way corporatist Democrat. As a long time Independent Leftist who left the Dems well over 20 years ago due to their "me too" economic philosophy (among other things), I'm not so sure that approach would be so fruitful. Read more about Is HVPCS Too Radical For The Democratic Party?? What About The Left?

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MadamaB's Mailbox: It's Dead, Jim.

I've...Got Mail!

Irony, that is. Just look what our Dear Leader done wroted to me in duh eeeeeemail!

The subject is: "What You're Doing is Working."

(pause for crying, laughing, pounding table and biting down on leather strop)

Okay. Okay. I'm a little calmer now. He continued:

I wanted to take a moment to thank you directly for the outstanding work you've been doing for health reform. I can tell you that your voice is heard in Washington every day. I see how your efforts are moving us toward victory.

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NOW on PBS: Democrats and the New Politics of Abortion

If you are a proponent of single-payer health care, this documentary on the Democratic Party and its members like Bart Stupak and Patricia Dalkember is a must-see. Listen to Stupak's bullshit about how "there are organizations" which will help poor women to pay for an abortion, so his amendment doesn't discriminate against anyone; and how he isn't anti-abortion, he's "pro-life." Listen to how Howard Dean defends his promotion of anti-choice Democratic candidates because they are "good on every other issue." Listen to the statistics about how 1 in 3 women have abortions by the time they are 45. Listen to how important money is in these decisions. Listen to how the Hyde Amendment forces pregnant women to "choose" unwanted children. Read more about NOW on PBS: Democrats and the New Politics of Abortion

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