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Castles in Spain (2)


Well done, that man!

NOTE Via acampadabcnfoto's photostream on #spanishrevolution.

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Western First World citizens who dare to complain. Because, think the MOTUs, they have it so good, and the MOTUs are such great leaders, how dare these little nitwits protest against them.

And, when they so very clearly have the whip hand over employees, it's so easy to see the non-obedienct as worthless ungrateful wastrals, leeches, and good for nothings.

They do not respect us; they do not fear us. They truly despise us Unterbussen. So it's OK to taze the elderly, manhandle the young, and arrest them and treat they as badly as possible (just short of being liable for law suits).

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(see under Tahrir Square). I don't know anybody who thinks it does. What I've argued is that if treated strategically, it can achieve political goals. And one of the nicer things about it is that you don't end up with, oh, the reign of terror, the NKVD, the Great Leap Forward, and such.

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Even if the elites, being transnational and globalized, are more like each other than their opposition. So, yes, it would look the same.