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In the Age of the Anti-Cassandra.

I know, Susie, I know. Confession is good for the soul. How about confessing that you were prematurely correct?

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Susie really hit on a good point I think is too often missed, maybe not by the blogosphere, but by much of the media, which is more Versailles-leaning:

mean, I like Harry Reid, and he’s turned out to be really good at a lot of things, but my job is not to validate Harry Reid. My job, as I see it, is to give voice to the voiceless in this country.

As I said in other threads, I'd been watching a bit more cable news than I should be, lately. In fact, at least on torture, I've actually been rather impressed with Olbermann, Matthews, and Maddow this past week.

What I have seen if that many of the folks they've invited on have been far, far too concerned about what the negative consequences on Washington politics the revelation of the truth would have. I guess I shouldn't expect much more from consummate Villagers, but I've had it about up to here with all of them explaining why the American people can't be trusted with the truth. And, now we have Republicans, out there, using Pelosi as a tool threatening that she'll be brought down if we really delve into this, as if that's some kind of threat. As if any of us care about whether this brings down Republicans and/or Democrats.

I'm not here to validate Nancy Pelosi or any other politician, for that matter, so they can really stop with this idea that we somehow hold some kind of reverent deference for these folks. They can't take their threats and stick 'em.