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Cash is simple, can't be hacked (and isn't traceable)

Though this Times story doesn't mention the last point:

The drumbeat of disclosures about credit and debit card breaches at major retailers (and hints of more to come) has unnerved consumers to the point where chatter online and at the water cooler is filled with people promising to curb their plastic habits.

“This is CRAZY. First my Target card, now this,” wrote Lorraine McCullough on the Michaels Stores Facebook page last week after the arts and crafts chain said that it was investigating whether customer data had been exposed. “I am going to pay cash from now on.”

Similar sentiments poured in.

“Cash! Simple as that.”

“I am carrying cash for now on as well. The good old-fashioned way.”

“Yup, cash is the best way quite honestly.

All good reasons to make cash illegal, of course.

1) You can't charge people to figure out and manage simple things;

2) You obviously want to trace people all the times;


3) I've always felt -- with no evidence! -- that it's highly likely that executives participate in hacks for a cut of the take. Who better to know the vulnerabilities? It's the usual suspects, not 14-year-old programmers from Kazachstan!