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The case for health care solidarity: pass HR 676

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Saul Friedman, writing for Newsday:

Here's a question for Medicare beneficiaries and those who will soon become eligible: Why should you care about the estimated 47 million American men, women and children who have too little or no health coverage?

The answer: Because there is some danger that Medicare and the 45 million older and disabled people it serves could become caught in a generational conflict in the coming campaign to extend health coverage to the uninsured - a conflict between those who have and those who have not. What part, if any, will Medicare play in the health care reforms? Medicare's needs may simply get lost in the smoke of battle. ...

...There is another possibility. Some call it single-payer, but more easily understood, is a proposal backed by the 5,000 Physicians for a National Plan (including mine) that would gradually provide Medicare for everyone who wants it and would pay a premium.

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