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Carol Shea-Porter and John Russell; health care heroes

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A rematch in N.H. 1st District contest

Shea-Porter has been unwavering in her dedication to getting health care to every American citizen.

"The plan I support is Medicare for all," the incumbent congresswoman said on her campaign Web site. "It is cost effective and the structure is already in place.

"With Medicare, health care is privately delivered," the site says. "This allows the freedom to choose your own doctors."

Shea-Porter said she was proud to be an original cosponsor of the Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act, which requires the federal government to negotiate lower prices for Medicare prescription drugs.

Brown-Waite Faces Familiar Challenger

Russell favors a single-payer health "Medicare-for-all" plan that would allow patients to stick with private insurers if they wish to. He supports a 16-month timetable to withdraw most U.S. troops from Iraq. He also vows to push for a viable alternative energy plan to include government investment and incentive programs.

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“It is cost effective and the structure is already in place.

“With Medicare, health care is privately delivered,” (her) site says. “This allows the freedom to choose your own doctors.”

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effective and a model we can adapt for all citizens," for those who aren't swayed by that famously pro-brown people program called medicare. myself, i'd like to see a plan for everyone that is exactly like what the congresscritters get. it's pretty plush.

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"Pelosi also discussed her priorities for an expanded Democratic House majority, calling energy independence and global climate change her “flagship issue.”

“It is the issue of our future and it relates to everything,” Pelosi said. “Eliminating our dependence on foreign oil is a national security issue. Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels is an environmental health issue. It is an economic issue.”

Pelosi also said she is willing to work with Republicans on Social Security and Medicare reform as long as Republicans do not attempt to “unravel” the programs by pushing to replace them with private savings accounts.

Pelosi dodged a question about whether Democrats would be able to bring about universal healthcare. Pelosi instead cited electronic recordkeeping as a preliminary step.

“We have to have a place where we recognize, first of all, that access to quality healthcare is a right,” said Pelosi.

Pelosi also proposed requiring all illegal immigrants to register with the government or face deportation."