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"Carnival of fraud"

Nice riff from Counterpunch:

The Carnival of Fraud has been invaluable, as well, on the third front, the changing character of American society. The virtue of acquiescence in the destruction of the public sector, and, soon, not far behind, the social safety net, is that a selfless patriotism can be harnessed on behalf of business consolidations to enrich the organizers and insiders in the belief that a steeply hierarchical framework of society, in which each class finds its place, conduces to the general welfare and most probably adheres to God’s plan of just rewards (the rich naturally being more meritorious, and therefore closer to the Divine Being), and also confirms the moral-structural paradigm of trickle-down economics. We should be, as apparently we are, eternally grateful to Obama for straightening out the social order so that a numerically small elite—a reasonably cohesive upper stratum, with comprehensive representation from the worlds of business, finance, and the military—can guide us on the path of orderly growth through the next, and hopefully last, stage of monopoly capitalism. Was this always in the cards, non-regulatory regulation, extremes of wealth and poverty, aggressive foreign-policy moves? But of course, certainly, but not, however, with the surefooted application of liberal rhetoric, the democratic glow now bathing public policy as Obama’s enchanted base looks on.

Nothing proves dissuasive....


The role of Obama's supporters in the Democratic Party is incredibly destructive -- worse than the Republicans. The Republicans are going to do what they do, but Obama could not do what he is doing without his (approaching Bush-levells) hard base of last ditch supporters.

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And now that the New Dem leadership know that the rank and file will always, always vote for them, no matter how bad the stink, just by repeatedly pushing the Look!Evil!GOP! button, they will continue to put GOP clones in office.

They have much to be thankful to Obama for.