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Cardboard Cowboy Has Ass Handed to Him by Women Again

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This afternoon Randi Rhodes is pushing the story of Pat Tillman -- as told by his mother Mary, who can't quite bring herself to say that she thinks Pat might have been intentionally offed by the Army because of his anti-Iraq sentiments and his plans to publicly denounce the war, but who does say that 1. given all the bullshit they've been feeding her (and us) so far, she sure can't rule it out; 2. it is "ludicrous" to think Rumsfeld was not in on the coverup of her son's death; and 3. "Of course he was used by them" -- pointing out that Pat's death occurred right after Abu Ghraib, when the Shrubbery desperately needed a patriotic throat-catchin' piece of media gobsmack.

Via Randi, Olbermann on this story -- with a long clip from Ms. Tillman's interview w/ ESPN's Dan Patrick -- is here.

Meanwhile, Pelosi tells the Shrub himself one of the things that every good American has always wanted to tell him: take a deep breath and calm down.

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I see this clip and think this is the most moving revelation and declaration that the emperor has no clothes. Haven't we all been waiting for this moment? The question has been floating out there on a cloud of lies and deceit for 5 years: When are we going to recognize that the Emperor has no clothes? She just made that fool visibly naked to the world. Now, House Speaker Pelosi, when will (multiple) impeachments go back on the table? She really looks good in front of that microphone. Lately I read that the Dems are incapable of effective leadership. I'll take that moment to show the doubters it ain't necessarily so.