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Caravans once more

Interesting data point:

Now that most of the protest camps [#173] have ended (though the Syntagma camp was continuing as Red Pepper went to press, despite the approval of the new austerity package), the indignados are looking for new ways to harness public attention. In Spain, walking and cycling caravans are already leaving from different cities to head towards the capital, gathering support and proposals on the way. The movement was due to assemble in Puerta del Sol in late July [And?] to present its demands to the people as much as to parliament. In both Spain and Greece, the indignados movement will face an uphill struggle to turn its impressive popular support into concrete political results, but it has already succeeded in creating political institutions of a new kind.

The future lies ahead! We'll see the nature of the institutions; see here for one alternative model, though doubtless there are others.

NOTE See this earlier post on caravans. One might imagine caravans as one way to defeat kettling -- both physical, as in the cramped spaces of cities, and mental, as in the closed discourse of our famously free press. A caravan, after all, creates its own narrative in the course of its journey, and can move more rapidly and with more flexibility than a march...