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"Capitol Hill Staffer Arrested With Gun"


Bill Tighe, Congressman Marino’s chief of staff, told TIME the Capitol Police indicated that Shucard taking a gun to the Cannon office building is likely not “anything other than an accident.”

What kind of wanker do you have to be to forget you're carrying a gun? Imagine it were a laptop: "Oops, I brought my laptop!" Or, for that matter, a big glass dildo. Same weight, roughly same size, same general concept....

“I think it is a situation where he lives in Virginia and he transported the firearm into D.C. accidentally,” Tighe said.

Showing the difficulty with state-by-state gun regulation.

“We’re very disappointed that he did not display responsible gun ownership.”

"[R]esponsible gun ownership"... Rephrase to "Externality-free gun ownership" to see how ridiculous that is.

Tighe said he spoke with Shucard this morning at the time of his arrest.

“He’s broken up,” he said. “He’s disappointed in himself.”

Yeah, 'cause he's a wanker.