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Can't anybody here play this game?

So, I'm cruising around to see if there's a 5:00 Horror I missed, and what do I see but this headline in tomorrow's Pravda:

Daschle Owed Back Taxes That Exceeded $128,000
Former Senator Paid Days Before First Confirmation Hearing

Daschle paid the back taxes just six days before his first Senate confirmation hearing, the report said.

Well, so much for that vaunted vetting process; I mean, Daschle didn't put up a picture of himself, drunk, groping Obama's future Secretary of State on his Facebook page -- though granted, that could only help him in the Village -- but still, the optics are bad, very bad. Little Tommy has such a sense of entitlement. And why six days? So he could rest on the seventh? Anyhow, a few more random thoughts:

0. First Geithner, now early endorser Daschle. Who's next? Michelle?

1. If Daschle ends up needing to spend more time with his family, it coudn't have happened to a nicer health care defeatist. Daschle, so far as I know, was the only person in America to think that health care ought to be run like the financial system (which hasn't been working out all that well, lately. At least for most of us).

2. As predictable, and predicted, our famously free press has suddenly plucked up its courage, and they're going after the administration like tigers! Now that the Democrats are in power.

3. If somebody hadn't kidnapped Josh Marshall, and TPM hadn't shat the bed in the primaries, I might be looking to them as an alternative news source. Not now. What a shame WKJM's business model was to suck up to the winnah instead of covering the news!

4. As usual, the Dems are absolute pikers when it comes to theft. They're nice boys, but they're still thinking in terms of thousands.

5. This is, of course, a Machiavellian move by Obama to ______________ .

6. I guess the honeymoon is over.

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Submitted by Damon on

I wonder how prevelant this tax cheating is up in the higher ranks? This is really starting to display a pattern, and for many of these, a pattern of hypocrisy, no less. Has it ever been confirmed that Caroline Kennedy had any tax issues, or was that just a rumor?

I have some advice for people in politics, or wrangling for a place in politics: it's called public office, folks. Come on; if you're going to run for office, the least you can do is pay your fair share. If you want to try and cheat the system, please, don't run for office. Oh, and for you Republican tax-cheating politicians, in particular, that like to berate the lower classes for not doing their duty, go to hell.

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Submitted by pie on

The committee report said Mr. Daschle had told the committee staff that “in June 2008, something made him think that the car service might be taxable, and he disclosed the arrangement to his accountant.”

“Under Section 132 of the Internal Revenue Code, the value of transportation services provided for personal use must be included in income,” the report said. “Senator Daschle estimated that he used the car and driver 80 percent for personal use and 20 percent for business.”

The car and driver were not Mr. Daschle’s only problems. The Finance Committee said he failed to report consulting income of $83,333 on his 2007 tax return and overstated the deductions to which he was entitled for charitable contributions from 2005 to 2007. In his amended tax returns, he reduced the deductions by $14,963.

Something made him think. Whatever could that be?

Politicans. I still like dem politicians better, but sheesh.

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Submitted by herb the verb on

I thought you only get in trouble when you drive. In fact, I was thinking this last night, when the main reason ordinary people get involved with the police (even arrested) is when they are behind the wheel of a car. You wonder about America's fascination with the car. But I guess Daschle shows you can also get in trouble when you DON'T drive. So Brittney and Lindsey are right after all.

Too meta?