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Candidate Regina Thomas on health care

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I asked Regina Thomas, candidate for Congress in Georgia, if she supported HR 676, Medicare for All, her response:

I do not know what all is in that resolution. I do believe that all should be allowed to pay in the system according to their means. We must take care of everybody - if not when a pandemic breaks out - we all will be vulnerable. What Bush and the Repubs had done to healthcare as well as Medicare is horrible - we need to restore what we once had and make it better. I have what I know can and will work. Now is not the time to expose it. But I will soon. Thanks to all! See you at the polls in July/November then in Washington DC as the next Congresswoman for the 12th District in GA.

Many well informed active Democrats have no idea what HR 676 is. So, we need to tell them. If enough voters who live in their district ask them about it, they will take a look into it.

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still be a lot better than who's there now. She's certainly making herself approachable so she's definitely open--healthcare makes a great issue to campaign on too.

Is Emanuel/Schumer actively fighting her candidacy? She should be careful--they won't allow their installed picks to be challenged by other Dems. (see Hackett and Duckworth for just 2 examples)

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she would be a fool to endorse a piece of legislation she had never previously heard of. That is my point, people, including candidates, have never heard of this. How can you support something you have never heard of?

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Many well informed active Democrats have no idea what HR 676 is.

unfortunately, i think my very republican congressman probably does know what it is. i know he opposes any idea that isn't 'market-driven' be it health care or anything else.

all the same, i think i'll bring it to his attention anyway.

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Now is precisely the time to expose it, when they don't want it exposed. And the previous post in this series shows exactly how. It would sure be nice to have a district map with insurance offices....

"Medicare for all!" -- the framing we've always wanted.

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