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Can we start bashing Sharon Ferrucci now?

From comments at My Left Nutmeg:

So don't start bashing good people like Sharon Ferrucci until she's done something wrong. I mean honest to god, this is New Haven under John DeStefano. It's not Waterbury.

I know my Registrar of Voters office to be highly professional. Period.

Yeah, Joe's a professional too. Just a different kind of professional.

So, can we start bashing Sharon now? [link fixed]

The city won't allow Sen. Joe Lieberman to be stripped of his Democratic party affiliation, announced Democratic Registrar of Voters Sharon Ferrucci Thursday.

Ferrucci shied away from using the authority given her by a little-known state law. "While Section 9-60 of the Connecticut General Statutes provides a process for excluding or expelling a voter’s name from the list of registered voters in the Democratic Party, such authority, in my opinion, should be rarely and cautiously exercised.

So, how "cautious" and "rare" does this procedure need to be? When does Ferrucci exercise her discretion? When we catch Lieberman in bed with a dead girl or a live boy? Because being in bed with Republicans--actually campaigning for Republicans, against Democrats--apparently isn't enough!

And get a load of this horseshit, straight from the lips of Centrist Dan Gerstein:

"The Democratic Party is founded upon principles of inclusion and diversity of opinion, and the promotion of debate. In that spirit, I do not intend to summon anyone enrolled in my party to defend the good faith and bona fide nature of their affiliation with the Democratic Party," said Ferrucci in a written statement.

A Party that allows its members to campaign against it is no party.

All we want is for the Party regulars to follow the rules. When Ferrucci lets somebody campaign against Democrats in a general election, yet stay on the Democratic voter roles, that's a slap in the face all Democrats, not just those who voted for Lamont (who, in case anyone has forgotten, actually won the Democratic primary).

Or is Ferrucci saying that Leiberman is a real Democrat, and a majority of Democratic voters in Connecticut are not?

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